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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Sheep Talk: The Flash (TV series) season 2, so far


The Flash is an American television series developed by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns, airing on The CW. It is based on the DC Comics character Barry Allen / Flash, a costumed superhero crime-fighter with the power to move at superhuman speeds. It is a spin-off from Arrow. The series follows Allen, portrayed by Grant Gustin, a crime scene investigator who gains super-human speed, which he uses to fight criminals, including others who have also gained superhuman abilities.

Katie's Speedy Thoughts:
The CW is  doing an awesome job of creating fun action-packed programming for a young and old audience. The Flash is one of those shows. This is a series I can sit down and enjoy with my 9 year old son. With the exception of a little kissy-kissy here and there, it's one show that doesn't try and push the envelope with sex scenes. 

Season 2 of The Flash started out a little meh for me, Barry Allen and gang felt a tad too staged. They joked about every badguy or gal being able to waltz into Star Labs, how they beefed up security. But then what do ya know...EVERY bad person just walked right into the lab. So I'm not sure why they even made a joke about it, since that's just something the writers are ok with doing. Time and again. 

Aside from easy access, the show itself has decided to add a big twist in the form of Earth 2. That's an alternate reality Earth for those less informed about all things realm related. Time travel and portal jumping seem to be the MO but that's fine with me. Long as it's all written in an authentic and believable way, I can deal. Barry and his dad had some funky moments when he finally got set free from jail. That felt a little odd and disjointed, but be that as it may this is still one show that's just plain fun! 

Will Barry fall in love with his new galfriend or is his heart still with Iris? Can they actually defeat Zoom and his band of merry mad men? I haven't a clue. Guess we have to watch and see! 

Sharon's Rapid Review:
Katie pretty much nailed it. This is a fun show to watch with my family...okay, my 14 year old daughter is watching because Barry is cute. I'm loving all the villains. And can't wait for the Legends of Tomorrow spin-off...Captain Cold!

The series can be kind of cheesy at times but the superhero/villain action scenes are fun. I really don't like Barry's new gal friend. She seems like a plot device of some sort and probably will end up that "other" chick from that "other" show... <G>

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  1. I've watched a few episodes of it hoping to get into it but I just got bored and found something else to watch.