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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Book Review: Magic Brew: Edge Chronicles by T. Rae Mitchell

Magic Brew: Edge Chronicles
by T. Rae Mitchell
July 20th 2015
298 pages

Genre: New Adult Urban Fantasy
They call me Edge, and I’m the only supernatural in New York City with Djinn powers. My gang is known as the Forsaken. We’re the throwaways of our kind, despised by purebloods for being mixed breeds. Banishment, rejection and abandonment bind us. Yet our differences are what make us powerful, and close to unstoppable. Until today.
We’ve been double-crossed. The one person we trusted above all others, lured us into a trap set by a gang of warlocks. They've crippled my powers and tried to enslave me for the rare magic pumping in my veins. I gave them the slip, but now there’s a price on my head and the road home is blocked by gangs of shifters, witches, vampires, demons and deadly fae. Odds are good we won’t all make it back alive. But you can be damn sure, me and my crew won’t go down without a fight.

Enter a dystopian underworld of supernatural gangs and prepare for an action-packed, paranormal adventure filled with sorcery, treachery and forbidden romance.

Book one of a series always has some kinks (not that kind!). And Magic Brew's were in information overload. The world the author created has lot of potential for magical action and interesting characters. But it seems we meet every single one of them in the first book. The plot is pretty much one long car chase, except instead of cars, they are on motorcycles and on foot. Edge and his group of friends are trying to get from one end of Manhattan's supernatural-gang infested city to the other without getting killed. The city is divided into territories run by different gangs:
Forsaken - melting pot of the unwanted (Edge's gang with 11 memebers)
The Badhats - witchborn, warlocks, males only
Dreads - witchborn, females only
Harlem Carnies - ghouls
Hellhounds - werehyenas
Bonegrinders - redcaps, males only
Pink Ladies - unseelie pixies, female only
Black Widows - vampires, female only
Gray Boys - Japanese Shadow Elves - males only,
Mechs  - ghost sorcerers, corpses animated with magically imbued mechanics
Nekros - waif wights
Mayhems - demon goblins, male only

That is twelve gangs...each with their own colors, dress and powers. If our protags had dealt with only a handful of these instead of all of them and the others were left shadowed in mystery till the next books, I think it would have been easier to follow.

Not only are there lots of gangs, but Edge belongs to the Forsaken gang...there are eleven members! And we meet them all.

It is well written and has all the required urban fantasy elements and falls into the type of urban fantasy guys like (not that women don't, but there is a difference). You just need a score card to keep up. The author does include gang stats at the end of the book. 

3 "Stay out of NYC" Sheep


About the Author:
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T. Rae Mitchell is an incurable fantasy junkie who spent much of her youth mesmerizing her younger sisters with stories sprung from her crazy imagination. Over the years, her craving for the rush of being transported to fantastical realms became more acute. So it was only a matter of time before her habit got the best of her. Grief stricken one day upon discovering her supply had dried up (her favorite bookstore had closed), she decided she’d had enough. Abandoning her career as an award-winning graphic designer, she entered a fantasy world of her own making called, FATE’S FABLES, her debut novel. She lives in British Columbia with her husband and son, and has since released an urban fantasy titled, MAGIC BREW as she continues to work on FATE’S KEEP.

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