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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Book Reviews: Norma Jean's School of Witchery: Book One: Jewel by Rose Montague

by Rose Montague
Kindle Edition, 229 pages
March 9th 2015
Jewel has a problem. She's in a witch school and can't get the most basic spells to work. Her true magical talents must remain hidden. That might be hard to do with a killer on the loose. Murder, mayhem, and magic with a little romance along the way.

Jewel lost her parents a short time ago. She should have been in school a month ago but she just wasn't ready to go back quite yet. Jewel went to stay with close friends who her mom knew was the right fit to take care of her upon her passing. Her mom, a clairvoyant, sensed that something was going to happen to her. Her new guardians kept Jewel busy working out several times a day in different styles of combat to preoccupy her. It was time however, to go back to school and move on. Her guardians picked a new school that would help her with her Magic among other things. Jewel was a little behind the other witches, her magic ran deeper than most waiting to come out. Basic witch spells were a problem for her. Once she got there all sorts of things started to happen, accidents intent on trying to kill but who? Her roommate, and why? Then there was the issue with her magic starting to come to light. Mishap after mishap but was it really?

The story had an interesting plot, it definitely piqued my interest. The action and the mystery of the so called accidents kept me hooked, very clever, especially that the possibility could be (highlight for spoiler) Jewel's roommate's Father. What father could possible want their daughter dead? That had me a little confused in the end; I got the reason but it really did not explain why. It was assumed high level but it was not enough, there had to be more of an underlying reason. Maybe we find out more in book two on what led up to this and why.

Jewel's relationship was cute but a little flat. The boyfriend was robotic, he barely added value to the group. He really didn't do anything. Okay, Okay do we really need our men to do anything, no, but for me I like a little more depth especially in a story.

All in all if you like cute YA with a little witchery then definitely give it a try.

3 Witchery Sheep

Tammy K

About the Author:
I write urban fantasy with a lot of humor and just a touch of romance. The second book in my series (Jane) has been accepted for publication and should release March 2015.

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