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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Meet Sheep Reviewer: Denise "You Give Love a Bad Name" Belt

Over the next week we are going to officially introduce ewe to four of our most recent survivors reviewers*:
Denise, Jeanie, Bianca, Tammy
They might appear mild-mannered, but they are far from it...
*I Smell Sheep denies subjecting potential staff members to "Hunger Game"-like interview process. That would be baaaad.

Name: Denise Belt

Fav thing to read: Urban fantasy and anything paranormal

Watch: Everything. I have decided it’s okay that I watch a lot of TV because I read just as many books so I feel that I’m not rotting my brain. Some of my favorite shows are The Flash, The Magicians, Grimm, The Originals, and Grey’s Anatomy.

Eat: Favorite food is Mexican! I have to say not my family's however. I would make Mexican food for every meal if they’d let me. They like it but not as much as me.

A power you wish you had: Teleporting! I hate traveling and if I could teleport everywhere I wanted to go that would be awesome!

Something you would do IF you could get away with it: Be a fly on the wall! More like an electronic fly that I could watch from a video screen. Sometimes you just want to know what’s going on.

Fan Crush: I guess it depends if we are talking TV, music or books. If we are talking about TV it would probably have to be Charlie Hunnam. He is just so hot and I loved him on Sons of Anarchy. If we are talking music I’m a long time Bon Jovi fan and think Jon Bon Jovi is still awesome. For books if we are talking author’s I can’t limit it to one. A few of my favorite authors are SM Reine, Donna Augustine, Elizabeth Hunter, JR Ward, and Darynda Jones. My list is really much longer but I figured I should limit it to a few.

Dream date: A quiet dinner with my husband. I know that sounds funny but with kids and work our life is hectic and sometimes we just enjoy the quiet.

If you were a pizza your toppings would be: Mushrooms!

If you could own a boat what would you name it and why: I’ve never put thought into naming a boat. I’m not quite sure what I would name it. My guess is that it would be after a favorite literary character. Not a famous one either!

Embarrassing story: I have a small office at work and it is full of furniture, etc. I was walking around my desk to leave my office and the previous client had moved the visitor chair up just slightly. I tripped and went flying across my office into the open door. Thank goodness or I would have ended flat on my face. There were sound effects to go with the flying as well. We all got a great laugh out of it.

First boyband you rocked out to: I don’t know that I would call them a boyband but I am a diehard Bon Jovi fan since I was a young girl! Love them!


  1. Hello Denise. Nice to put a face to a name! Teleportation...yep, that's a good one (especially since I have a fear of flying).

    1. Yes! I had the same thought! I kicked myself for not thinking of teleportation. Good one!

  2. Hi Denise - I've really enjoyed your reviews!

  3. Hi Denise, I love reading your reviews. I have a question, can you recommend any UF series that do not have cheating or love triangles? I'm so tired of finding a good first in series book, to have it ultimately filled with love triangles. I wish more authors could find ways for couples to stay interesting and exciting without having to add it. Any suggestions?

    1. Have you read John Conroe or Donna Augustin (she has 3 different series). Both are phenomenal authors with no cheating & not much in way of love triangles. Still has love though. Let me know what you think.