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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Sheep Talk: 2016 New TV Shows Reviews

Everyone weighed in on what they thought of the new TV shows that aired in the beginning of 2016. Leave your thoughts in the comments! From the looks of it, Lucifer is the big winner this season.

Galavant season 2 to premiere on January 03, 2016

Pamela: Pass-Like the first season last year, I enjoyed the poking fun at medieval fantasy heroes and heroines, plus villains, all done in song and dance Broadway style.

“The Shannara Chronicles” premieres Jan. 5 at 10 p.m. on MTV.

Sharon: Fail- I had high hopes for this after the first episode. The heroine Amberle was tough and driven. Then she became a whiny princess who was so thin it was painful running around in a strapless corset. The druid Allanon sounds like Sean Connery and I just can't picture John Rhys-Davies as the Elvin King.

Denise: Fail: At first I really enjoyed the show but after a couple of episodes I kind of lost interest. The story lines weren’t holding my attention through the whole episode. It has lots of potential and maybe if the show had some writing/director/producer changes it would be great. 

Angel From Hell Thursdays on CBS Premieres January 7
already cancelled

Sharon: Was cancelled before I got a chance to watch!
Denise: Did watch the show but knew it would be cancelled. I only watched it when I was killing time and that was mainly because I liked the cast. 

Shadowhunters premieres Jan. 12 at 9 p.m. on Freeform.

Sharon: Fail- There just aren't words for how bad this was...

Denise: Pass – I really enjoy this show but there is A LOT of room for improvement. Sometimes it just seems to fake for my tastes. 

Second Chance Wed 9/8c Jan 13 Fox
(orginally called The Frankenstein Code)

Denise: Pass – I love this show! It has a great cast and the story line is new and full of imagination. Love the technology on this one!

Legends of Tomorrow Thursdays on The CW Premieres January 21

Sharon: Meh- I'm not as happy with this as I wanted to be. The main problem is I hate half the cast and love the other half. You can never get enough of Captain Cold and Heat Wave, Firestorm and Dr. Stein, and Ray. The rest of the cast makes my eye twitch...

Denise: Pass – I am a fan of all of these shows so I was excited to see another one come along. The part I hate though is that I miss some of the characters on the original shows they came from. I’d also like to see them actually succeed once in awhile. 

X-Files returns Jan. 24 at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT on FOX.

Sharon: Fail- watch the first two episodes one and just can't find the desire to watch more.

Katie: Pass- I loved seeing the ever truth seeking pair reunited and could care less about anything else. Some really funny episodes kept me entertained each week. I would watch more seasons for sure!

Denise: So/so – Loved the original X-Files but this didn’t hold my attention the way the originals ones did. 

The Magicians premieres Jan. 25 at 9 p.m. on Syfy.

Sharon: Pass- My husband and  I really like this one. I like the dark edge to it and the characters. I read the book when it came out and hated it, but the TV series is much better.

Denise: Pass- Absolutely love this one! This is a story line that hasn’t been overdone and is filled with more than just romance and happy stuff. It has a darker side and not everyone wins.

Pamela: Fail-I watched a couple of episodes and it just failed to catch my interest.

Lucifer Mondays on FOX Premieres January 25
Sharon: Pass- Everyone is loving this one! Including me. I adore the character.
Jeanie G PassJust watched the first episode of the new tv series "Lucifer" and am 80% sure I will be tuning in for future episodes.  Who wouldn't be curious about how the Prince of Darkness spends his vacation time on earth!

I thoroughly enjoyed actor Tom Ellis (Lucifer) and his ability to pull off this unusual interpretation of Lucifer.  Handsome, quirky and arrogant with a touch of darkness, he draws you in to the character.  I put this in a category similar to the the series "the Mentalist" with a paranormal twist.

The leading man is tall, dark and handsome with a charming smile and "irresistible personality.  The female lead is a little unbelievable as a detective but perhaps her character will develop in future episodes.  I haven't quite bought into her performance but I am really taken with the storyline and want to see what the writers have in store for Lucifer.  He (Tom) is definitely worth watching!

 One of the character creaters is Neil Gaiman, an Urban fantasy author (and much more) of which I have enjoyed following.  This gives me high hopes for this series.

If you are looking for something somewhat light, refreshing with a new spin on the "dark side", tune in and give it a try.  This could be a winner.

Bianca: Pass- Despite being more than a little predictable, Lucifer is great fun with a male lead who's hotter than hell.
Tammy: Fail – Even though funny in areas I expected the main character to me more Alpha not Feminine.  This one does not cut if for me.
Denise: Pass – Great humor and I love how full of himself Lucifer is! A must watch. 

You, Me and the End of the World(NBC) Premieres Thursday, Jan 28 at 8/7c

Denise: Ok – I never intended to watch it but had nothing to watch one day so I gave it a whirl. Not a great show but yet I kept watching so there must be something there.

Fuller House Friday on Netflix Premieres February 26

Tammy: Pass – They did a great fantastic job weaving in the characters with the old and new show. It was almost like the show never stopped.


  1. Oh! Totally forgot about Angel from Hell. I liked it! When I laugh out loud during a show, it's a winner for me. Too bad :(

    1. I know...maybe they will try to bring it back at another time. There was just so much competition this season

  2. My passes from above: 1)You, Me and the Apocolyse: love the storyline and I think Rob Lowe is great. 2) Magicians: first few episodes drew me in. Wondering what is to come. Kind of a twisted plot and hard to orient unless paying close attention. 3) X-Files: I truthfully enjoy this even more than the original series. I like the background information. 4) Angel from Hell: loved the idea and would watch but think it's a little over the top.

  3. LUCIFER is at the top of my list - Tom Ellis is rocking this role! MAGICIANS fascinates me. I really liked X-FILES, even if there was a bit too much info-dumping at the beginning. I loved the original series so hard, and the new show managed to be a fairly seamless continuation for me. Wanted to see ANGEL FROM HELL but it was gone before I had the chance!