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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Meet Sheep Reviewer: Jeanie "Born to Hand Jive" Hayes

Over the next week we are going to officially introduce ewe to four of our most recent survivors reviewers*:
Denise, Jeanie, Bianca, Tammy
They might appear mild-mannered, but they are far from it...
*I Smell Sheep denies subjecting potential staff members to "Hunger Game"-like interview process. That would be baaaad.

Name: Jeanie Hayes

Fav thing to read: Urban Fantasy of course.....(witches and vamps particularly!) I have to say on a serious note...ha, I read anything that I think will move me to laugh, cry, melt or educate.

Watch: HMMM...not much but it needs to move me or highly entertain me. I do DVR Agents of Shield, Black List, You, Me and the Apocalypse and The Librarians.

Eat: TOOOO much but love plain old Steak and Salad!

A power you wish you had: "But ma, I can't just choose one!" OK, it would have to be the power to heal.

Something you would do IF you could get away with it: Probably hack into the Federal Student Loan division and erase every students' loan files!

Fan Crush: Russell Crowe. He is so underrated! He makes me believe his characters (Plus I just can't get that gladiator movie out of my psyche!)

Dream date: Tiger Woods, Toby Keith and Russell Crowe at Torrey Pines Golf course for 18 holes!

If you were a pizza your toppings would be: UGH...I really don't like pizza but probably Chicken and artichokes.

If you could own a boat what would you name it and why: The EAGLE, because I'd really like to get a few of those on the golf course.

Embarrassing story: Going to a conference Las Vegas and while flirting with someone at the pool, he lifted my room key and stole all the cash, cameras and suitcases. Had only my swimsuit and cover up for the meetings! I bought one outfit and wore it for 2 days!

First boyband you rocked out to: This dates me for sure....probably the Beatles but I liked Sha Na Na better.


  1. Oh no, I have never had any trouble in Vegas and have been there many times. Sorry you had a bad experience. :-(
    sherry @ fundinmental

    1. Ahhh, don't misunderstand, I LOVE Vegas! Been there many times! (plus I get into any Texas hold-em tournament I can! )

  2. This is great! Love Vegas! Love golf! Golf just doesn't love me back :(

  3. Golf is a fickle friend! If I have a bad day (frequently..ha), I just go for the cart ride, scenery, drinks and company! Seems like poker and golf each take a little skill and a bit of luck!

  4. Hi Jeanie! I have a question, can you recommend any UF series that do not have cheating or love triangles? I'm so tired of finding a good first in series book, to have it ultimately filled with love triangles. I wish more authors could find ways for couples to stay interesting and exciting without having to add it. Any suggestions?