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Monday, March 28, 2016

Meet Sheep Reviewer: Tammy "If it isn't Love" Kostecki

Over the next week we are going to officially introduce ewe to four of our most recent survivors reviewers*:
Denise, JeanieBianca, Tammy
They might appear mild-mannered, but they are far from it...
*I Smell Sheep denies subjecting potential staff members to "Hunger Game"-like interview process. That would be baaaad.

Name: Tammy  Kostecki

Fav thing to read - I love a good Romantic Mystery and Suspense

Watch - Drama Drama Drama – Shows like ‘Suits’, ‘Good Wife’, ‘Madam Secretary’, ‘24’. My daughter and I secretly watch Dance Moms, Not the drama I look for but very entertaining to say the least

Eat – I am a salt person not a sweet

A power you wish you had – Telepathy, if only!

Something you would do IF you could get away with it – be a fly on a wall

Fan Crush - I have loved Pierce Brosnan since …… I can’t even say I may date myself, yum!

Dream date – I actually had it, no really don’t laugh.  It was late, I was hungry and my boyfriend at the time was not getting off of work for another two hrs.  He told me to just come up and he will order take out while I wait for him to close.   When I got there on the patio which overlooks the grounds of a golf club and lake was a table set up beautifully for us down to our dishes being covered with those silver banquet covers to keep your dishes warm.  We sat down and one of the staff who was already off lifted the silver tops and poured us a delicious wine.   It was the most romantic takeout food ever.  It is now 23 years, 2 kids later. That’s right I married him.

If you were a pizza your toppings would be – Onions – Take it or leave it

If you could own a boat what would you name it and why – Tamarra, It’s my name why not.

Embarrassing story - Running into the mail man on my bike. I knocked him over, his glasses and mail bag went flying and all was done in front of a boy I liked in middle school. Yep he kept walking

First boyband you rocked out to – Oh boy New Edition


  1. Salt, Pierce Brosnan and onions! You definitely drank the right Koolaid! Nice to meet you!

  2. Hi Tammy! I have a question, can you recommend any UF series that do not have cheating or love triangles? I'm so tired of finding a good first in series book, to have it ultimately filled with love triangles. I wish more authors could find ways for couples to stay interesting and exciting without having to add it. I've also asked your fellow reviewers, hoping you all will recommend something. Any suggestions?