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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Book Review: Belong to the Night (World in Shadows Book Book 3) by Bridget Blackwood

Belong to the Night (World in Shadows Book Book 3)
by Bridget Blackwood
Kindle Edition, 268 pages
April 17th 2016 by Booktrope Editions
Humans can’t become Vampires.

Elisavet Katsaros defies this belief when she wakes up in a hospital as a Sanguinarian, or human born vampire. She is the first of her kind in over three hundred years. The transformation was an accident, but there’s no going back now. Questions surround Elisavet. Why her? How did it happen? Who is responsible? Above all else, what will the ramifications be for the rest of the World in Shadows? To find peace, she will look for the answers to these questions and more. In digging for the truth, Elisavet uncovers long-buried secrets and the keys to unraveling a murder. With the help of the Vampire Regis, Manias Artotias, she will attempt to right the wrongs of others and start a new chapter in history. Working side by side, powerful emotions flare. Manias finds himself wanting to claim her for his own despite the consequences. She yearns to capture his heart, to be more than just another vampire under his rule. To have a chance they must defy traditions, put their love on the line and risk it all.

Belong to the Night is book three in Blackwood’s World in Shadows series. World in Shadows chronicles the lives of paranormal characters learning to live alongside human beings after their worldwide discovery. Often in this series, humans are the real monsters, not the vampires, werewolves, and fae. The results of inhumane scientific experimentation on imprisoned paranormals continues to wreak havoc on the paranormal community long after exposure.

Elisavet Katsaros is turned vampire; a phenomenon believed to be impossible in present day. As the only human turned vampire in existence, Elisavet is coveted by her duplicitous boss as something to be dissected and studied. Protection is offered to Elisavet by vampire Regis Manias Astorias. Together, Elisavet and Manias unravel the reason for Elisavet’s turning and attempt to find meaning and purpose for young, ambitious Elisavet within the vampire community.

One of the things I really love about this series is the number of intersecting storylines and characters. While this book could be read as standalone, favourite personalities from the previous two books make frequent appearances in this installment. In addition, the plotline involving Fae heir apparent Winter Summersun continues to gather steam. I look forward to the full fruition of this series, but especially Winter and Varian.

Elisavet and Manias’s story is well-told. The romance unfolds nicely and the action is adequate. In the end, the conflict was a little understated and threats too easily defused at times. Overall, this remains an excellent series with some exciting momentum. I look forward to following this series throughout.

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4 Sheep

Bianca Greenwood

About the Author:
I'm a hopeless romantic and a sucker for love stories with a happy ending. I grew up in East Texas, where I met and married my high school sweetheart. Together we moved to Southern Illinois and have called it home for over a decade now.

The characters in my head are loud and bossy. I began writing down their stories in self defense. My first book, Rising Shadows, comes out on February 14, 2014, the first in a paranormal romance series called World in Shadows.

A social butterfly by nature, I love to talk. When I am not writing, I enjoys video games, going out for dinner so I don't have to cook, and laughing as much as possible. I am a big horror movie junkie, I watch gobs of them. I have an addiction to eye shadow, crazy hair colors, tattoos, and glitter.

At home, I'm a wife and mother of three children, Blackwood Boy, Ballerina Blackwood, and Baby Blackwood. I also claim my fur babies; a pug, a boxer, and four cats bent on world domination.

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