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Monday, September 12, 2016

Comic Review: Fallstreak by Frank Mula

Writer: Frank Mula & Michael McCloskey
Art: Tyler Sowles
Editor: Sal Brucculeri
When monsters fall from the sky in a phenomenon known as “cloud-emptying,” a group of teenagers investigate the government cover-up and accidentally unleash an ancient evil into the world.  FALLSTREAK brings a little bit of everything to the table, supernatural thriller, young adult mysteries, mythological lore, and wrapped around a love story.  If you are a fan of Netflix's STRANGER THINGS, then FALLSTREAK is something you'll enjoy.

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Fallsbreak is an imaginative, fast-paced character driven supernatural mystery. If you are a fan of Stranger Things (like me) you will be hooked immediately.

Frank Mula (creator of The Devil You Know graphic novel from AA88 Press) has a new graphic novel he is working on and invited me to take a look at the first volume. I was immediately drawn in to the character-driven plot. The events of the story have already happened and the reader learns about it via narration by the main character, Matt. It starts out with him in high school and witnessing a weather phenomenon called Cloud Emptying (later known as a Fallsbreak). It turns out there was a supernatural aspect to it and a government cover up. Things get crazy when Matt and his friends find out about another Cloud Emptying and head over to investigate. As you can imagine...things don't go well.

The story spans over many years, starting with Matt and his friends in high school. By the end, Matt is married and a father, when another Fallsbreak event happens. There is a twist to the story and the mystery deepens, leaving the reader wanting the next issue.

I really love the idea of the story. I can't talk too much about it because just about every plot point is a spoiler. The story moves at a quick pace, but things got a bit confusing at the end. I'm hoping things will be made clearer with the next issue or Mula adds a few more details to make sure the reader is on the same page as him. And best of all...there is a mysterious vision that involves a ram! Muwahahaha!

The artist uses some pretty cool panel arrangements and perspectives to convey the story. There isn't a lot of detailed line work, but great shading is used to bring the images to life.

4 "conspiracy" Sheep


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