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Friday, August 11, 2017

Book Review: Entertaining Demons by Daniel I. Russell

Entertaining Demons
by Daniel I. Russell
July 25, 2017
371 pages
Apex Publications
Entertaining Demons by Daniel I Russell is a vicious and all too real exploration into the realities of being a teenage girl in our modern media environment.

Starring in the reality TV show PI: Paranormal Investigations should be a dream come true, but for Molly it’s a nightmare. Between constant filming, unexplained occurrences waking her at all hours, and the scrutiny of her friends and neighbors, she is frustrated and exhausted. Unfortunately, the contract her grandpa signed says she can’t quit and she does need the money. Besides, the show’s host, Samuel, is the only one who wants to help stop the hauntings. Molly decides to ride out the experience, thinking that footsteps and rattling doorknobs in the middle of the night aren’t so bad. 

Molly’s wrong. 

Demons are making their way to Molly’s quiet English town, intent on shutting down the show. As the darkness converges, Molly is caught in a struggle among demons while desperately fighting to keep her family safe. 

Will she survive the night? Find out in Entertaining Demons!

Looking to expand my horizons, I picked up the horror novel Entertaining Demons. The concept was timely and seemingly creative. Molly Moore is the reluctant star of PI: Paranormal Investigations, a reality television series chronicling the alleged haunting of Molly’s home. A virtual orphan, Molly lives with her grandfather, who, oddly enough, agrees to the concept in exchange for financial compensation. Soon the eerily inexplicable events unfolding in the home garner a faithful viewing audience. When Molly’s haunting becomes increasingly brazen and violent, the show attracts the attention of a certain demonic viewer who would prefer the existence of demons to remain merely mythical.

Russell is an effective storyteller with an abundantly creative imagination. His portrayal of the television viewing audience is none to flattering and the social satire within the book is over the top. But much of this book is completely gratuitous. I’m not a seasoned horror reader, and I suppose there’s a reason for that. I prefer my horror to be nuanced, however, there’s nothing subtle about Entertaining Demons. The book is unapologetically violent and nothing is off the table, including rape of all kinds. Sensitive readers are forewarned of the endlessly extensive methods to torture, murder, and maim used within this book.

I liked Russell’s use of the four horsemen of the apocalypse as a basis for his demons. I found their inclusion clever and well-executed. Ultimately, however, for me the book missed the mark. Its entertainment value lay within its colourful description and shock value and because I didn’t fully appreciate the violent nature of the book, it was difficult for me to finish. But I did. And was disappointed as the major revelation came as little surprise.

Two, Not-So-Entertaining, Sheep

Bianca Greenwood

About the Author:
Daniel I. Russell has been featured publications such as The Zombie Feed, Pseudopod and Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. Author of Samhane, Come Into Darkness, Critique, Mother's Boys, The Collector, Retard, and Tricks, Mischief and Mayhem, Daniel is also the former vice-president of the Australian Horror Writers' Association and was a special guest editor of Midnight Echo. His latest novel, Entertaining Demons, is due for release in 2017 with Apex Publications. Daniel lives in Western Australia with his partner and four children, and is currently completing a BA in psychology and counselling.

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  1. Most things about the book sounded so good, but I did hesitate when I read TV show. Here's hoping the next book will be better.
    sherry @ fundinmental