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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Book Review: Spellcaster by George Bachman

by George Bachman
April 3rd 2017
Kindle Edition, 262 pages
In turn-of-the century England, sixteen year-old Christine Daniel learns her life-threatening illness stems from her paranormal visions. During the London Season, Allie, her beloved sister and the family heir, seeks a noble match while she searches the occult underground for answers. But the only witch who can help will not do so unless Allie marries her beau, an impoverished aristocrat, so that the illicit pair can share Allie's wealth.

If you are a fan of steampunk or historical novels with lots of descriptive narrative of fashion, protocols, culture and conversation, this novel offers it in spades.

Christine, the story's main character, is suffering from juggling two worlds at once. Having visions or connections to a man in another time and place caused Christine to disassociate in her present time and become afflicted with what others thought was " fainting "spells. Knowing it was more than that, she investigated other mediums to help her discover her real affliction.

Only a smattering of "magical" implications are given until about halfway through the book. Until then I was somewhat confused about what special attributes Christine was supposed to have. There were so many characters introduced in the first quarter of the book I found myself lost in a quagmire of characters. I kept referring back to the synopsis and editorial reviews to get a handhold of the direction this story was taking.

There were some intriguing parts but much of the narrative left me wanting a little more clarity and a lot less wordy descriptions. It felt a little like "Jane Eyre" meets the world of "Camelot" with a Shakespearean like prose. Since I don't read a lot of that genre I felt a little out of my element but am sure there are those of you that would salivate at navigating this story.

LOVED the cover!

Getting 3 sheep.

Jeanie G
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