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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Paranrmal Romantic Suspense Spotlight: UPDRIFT by Errin Stevens + giveaway

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What if joining your lover's world meant leaving your own? 
Kate will have to look hard at her man to determine what is real, what is illusion, and how, if ever, she can get back home.

by Errin Stevens
November 2, 2015
Series: The Mer Chronicles
Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Ever since her father died, Kate Sweeting’s home life has been in the pits, her well being on life support. Her future looks desolate, too, until she and her mother make another plan: abandon their shriveled existence for more promising prospects on the coast, where Mom can play small-town librarian/bachelorette, and Kate can figure out what’s up with that secretive Blake family from the beach.

Everyone is eerily captivated with Kate and her mother, and Cara is the first to figure out why when the man of her dreams arrives all dripping and devoted and closed-mouthed about what he intends. Kate is willing to go along with their subterfuge for a while, but eventually makes a charge for the water to learn what her mother is hiding. Gabe Blake is there waiting for her… and so is someone considerably less friendly. By the time Kate navigates her way home, everything will have changed for her – what she feels, what she wants, and what she will risk to be with the man she loves.

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“Best mermaid book I have EVER read? Updrift by Errin Stevens.”
- – Ben Alderson, voted leading vlogger by Teen Vogue and The Guardian

About the Author:
Errin Stevens writes paranormal suspense/romance from her home in Minnesota, where she lives with her husband and son. When not wrestling with unruly narrative – or reading everything from mythology to contemporary romance to literary novels – you’ll find her swooning over seed catalogs (winter), or digging in the garden (the other three days of the year). Visit her blog site at for release updates and random essays on writing and mothering.

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