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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Alpha Male Dinner: Belial, Hell's Chief Operating Demon + exclusive giveaway

Belial, Hell's Chief Operating Demon
Recipe created by Jeanne Oates Estridge
The Demon Always Wins (Book 1, Touched by a Demon)

· 1 fallen angel with:
o The face of a seraph
o The body of an archangel
o The arrogance of a demon who never fails
· 1 wager—
o Satan's second-in-command vs. God's chosen champion
· 1 goal—
o Seduce her into abandoning her beliefs
· 1 prize—
o a single, human soul

1. Strip away wings
2. Scent with vanilla and summer rain
3. Gift with a voice like the strum of a lute
4. Marinate in the desperation of the eternally damned
5. Combine with the one woman in the world who can redeem him
6. Simmer for 300 steamy pages

Accompaniments: Best served with scented candles, a glass of Syrah and some good, dark chocolate.

Yield: One sizzling romance with a feel-good ending

Taste Test

"Have you ever even tasted alcohol?" he asked.

"Of course."

"Then you know one drink won't corrupt you." He advanced closer. Her eyes focused on his lips. A drink wouldn't corrupt her, but another kiss might.

"No, thank you," she whispered again. Why wasn't she feeling for the doorknob? Why wasn't she backing her way to safety? Because she couldn't seem to drag her eyes away from his lips, which moved toward hers as inexorably as a grass fire. He stopped a scant few inches away. She could feel the heat coming off his body.

"Shall I kiss you?" he asked.

For a moment, she was confused. Was he asking for consent? Or was he asking himself if kissing her would yield a reward worth the effort? His scent and his heat and those perfectly sculpted lips enticed her toward him. Say no, she ordered herself. This man is a danger. He's out to harm you, to destroy your clinic, to steal your soul.

"Yes," she said.

His lips touched hers and the world seemed to whirl around them. His hands cupped her jaw and his mouth massaged hers, encouraging her to open to him. Tantalizing touches on her lips from his tongue seconded the invitation. Although it felt as though every organ in her torso had liquefied, some shred of common sense kept her lips stubbornly closed. He kissed along her cheekbone, his mouth seeming to melt flesh from bone.

His hand moved behind her head, trapping it in place.

"Kiss me," he murmured against her ear. His warm, damp breath brought out gooseflesh all the way to her ankles. "Forget about your clinic for a moment and kiss me the way a woman kisses a man."

But he wasn't a man. He was a demon. With that, the spell was broken. She pushed him away and pointed at the Ducati. "Go."

He tried to draw her into his arms again. "That's not what you want."

He was right, but she wouldn't give him the satisfaction of admitting it. She pulled her cell phone from the pocket of her shorts. "Go or I call nine-one-one."

On the dark stretch of road that lay between Alexandria and beach, Belial crouched over the Ducati, taking it through its gears until it roared to maximum speed. The wind slipped inside the back of his t-shirt, and for a dizzying moment, it felt as though he were flying.

There was no question in his mind that he'd touched something in Dara's core, something that had been in abeyance since the death of her husband. At the thought of her beneath him, his loins burned. Sex with her would be a moment of rapture in an eternity of damnation.

Her rounded body was on his mind far more than it should be. He needed to bed her, so that he could slot her back into the category where she belonged—prey.

The Demon Always Wins (Touched by a Demon #1)
by Jeanne Oates Estridge
September 4, 2018 

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Digital ISBN: 9781949451009
Print on Demand ISBN: 9781949451016
Seven short weeks. After beating his boss at the poker table, ambitious demon Belial must appease Satan, so he takes on a new bet. If he can get God’s champion to curse God, aloud and in public, within the agreed timeframe, Hell gains another soul and Belial earns a coveted promotion to chief executive demon—second only to Satan himself. The demon always wins, but this time the deck may be stacked against him.

Seven long weeks. Widowed nurse Dara Strong is the ace up God’s sleeve. The granddaughter of famous demon fighters, Dara has no problem recognizing Belial as Dr. Ben Lyle. When the demon in doctor’s disguise he appears in her clinic, she kicks him out the door. If she can hold out against the alluring demon till the wager expires, Dara will be safe—but she already has plenty of reason to curse God, and Belial, the most successful soul-stealer in the history of Hell, is not about to give up easily.

Belial may look heavenly, but his soul belongs to Satan. As the battle between these cosmically well-matched opponents escalates, conflict breeds passion and passion transforms into love. Caught between a victory-hungry Satan and an unforgiving God, Belial and Dara discover there may be only one way to ransom the soul of a fallen angel: sometimes you have to go through Hell to claim your Heaven.

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About the Author
Jeanne Oates Estridge wrote her first short story in third grade, a tale of birth-control-challenged bunnies who named their children in alphabetical order—Alice, Benjamin, Cathy, Dexter—all the way down to baby Zachary. Later that year, when given an assignment to depict what she wanted to be when she grew up, Jeanne drew herself in a floor-length, crayon-blue dress, sitting at a typewriter.

Life has a way of handing us detours, though, and Jeanne wound up earning her degree, and her living, as a computer analyst. She continued to write at night and on weekends, but she could never quite manage to write anything that satisfied her.

But she didn’t give up. In 2012, she returned to college to earn a Master’s Certificate in Creative Writing at the Nora Roberts’ School of Romance Writing at McDaniel College. Working under the mentorship of NYT Bestseller and former high school English teacher Jenny Crusie, Jeanne wrote a paranormal romance that went on to win the 2015 RWA® Golden Heart®.

The Demon Always Wins, the first book of her Touched by a Demon trilogy of paranormal romances, will debut in September 2018. 


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