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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Book Review: Shades of Betrayal (The Fae Games #3) by Jill Ramsower

I absolutely adored the first two books and have even proclaimed Fae Games one of my new favourite series of 2018. -I Smell Sheep reviewer Bianca Greenwood

Shades of Betrayal (The Fae Games #3)
by Jill Ramsower
December 1, 2018
All my wildest fantasies have come true, but reality is never quite as simple as we imagine. I dreamed of living in a wondrous world of the supernatural and having magical powers of my own. Now, I have all of that, but it comes with a caveat—a six foot Fae brute who is supposed to train me on all things Fae. He’s a dauntless warrior of the Wild Hunt. A beautiful bigot. He’s my lover and my burden, my savior and my curse.

There’s a monster lose in the city leaving a trail of bodies in its wake. I want more than anything to help others with my new abilities—what better use of my power than to stop a killer? Too bad Michael doesn’t feel the same.

She’s a born fighter. Courageous and brash like the heroes she reads about. Two weeks ago I carried her lifeless body out of a dirty alley. Ever since, my carefully constructed world has been leveled, despite my endless efforts at damage control.

Ashley Moore is a force of nature. Her best friend is the Erlking’s woman, and together, Ashley and Rebecca have infiltrated our brotherhood. Everything about our lives is dangerous, so I’ve done what I can to protect her—even if she ends up hating me for it.

Author's Note: This is NOT a Young Adult novel! It contains graphic violence and scenes with adult sexual content.

Shades of Betrayal is the follow up to Jill Ramsower's Fae Games duet. The duet set the stage for unfolding Fae drama, action, and romance in the urban setting of Belfast. I absolutely adored the first two books and have even proclaimed Fae Games one of my new favourite series of 2018.

Readers are introduced to Ashley in the first two books as the best friend of Rebecca. Ashley's devotion to he friend ensures her own entanglement in the world of Fae, particularly a group of Fae military-esque elite, the Huntsmen. Shades of Betrayal is the unfolding of Ashley's story as she tries to navigate the world of Fae.

Initially, I was hesitant to read this installment as I wasn't overly taken with Ashley as a character. I was absolutely delighted to find Ashley to be both captivating and refreshing. I devoured her story, eating up every tidbit of the tumultuous unfolding of her relationship with the powerful, brooding Michael. I'll not deny I read several passages twice.

Ashley is an entertaining, empowered female main. Her refusal to succumb to her every emotional whim is a rare characteristic in this genre. Ashley is assertive, sassy, and smart. She's analytical and rational and, quite frankly, urban fantasy and paranormal romance needs more characters like her.

In speaking with the author, two subsequent releases for this series are planned. Book four will be Cat's story, and the premise for book five is still under wraps.

It's December! Find a cozy corner and check out this series.

Review: The Fae Games Duet

Five sheep

Bianca Greenwood

About the Author:

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Daughter of Arthur and Jane Bedrosian, Jill Ramsower is a life-long Texan having been born in Houston, raised in Austin, and currently residing in West Texas.  She attended Baylor University and subsequently Baylor Law School to obtain her BA and JD degrees.  She spent the next fourteen years practicing law and raising her three children until one fateful day, she strayed from the well-trod path she had been walking and sat down to write a book.  An addict with a pen, she set to writing like a woman possessed and this is her happily ever after.

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