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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas from I Smell Sheep and Optimus Prime

I asked our staff to send a pic of their favorite holiday decoration. Guest reviewer Selah Janel (our manga reading queen) wins for the nerdiest holiday decoration!

Selah Janel's Christmas
Christmas decorations have always been a mix at my house. Some are traditional, some are newer, some are handmade, and some are, how shall we say, improvisational. 
Backstory: having a minister in the family can open one up to all sorts of experiences, one of which might be having a giant, mega-sized nativity scene that would rival some playsets from the 1980s. And because The Sibling and I tend to amuse ourselves in creative ways, there has been a long stretch of years where we felt the need to…enhance things. 

I don’t really remember how this started, and to our credit, it probably would’ve stopped long ago if some people would stop bringing it up every year, but for a long stretch of time, sneaking things into the manger scene was tradition. It's become a game to see how fast we can sneak things in and how far we can push things before the Traditional Christmas Lecture. We've done everything from Barbie accessories to clones to pirates to Krampus and figures from Rembrandt paintings.
 Yes, okay, we’re very mischievous and we’ve heard about this more than once, but who are we to fight with tradition at this point? It’s dropped off a bit over the years as we’ve gotten busy, but at least we still have photos. 
Did I mention we had a lot of Star Wars figures growing up? You can see where this is going. 
I can't stress how big this thing is. It's not just the nativity, but the wise men's tent, a village, and the Roman temple. And there are plenty of places to hide inhabitants. 

Don't worry, we did it to my mother's Christmas village at one point, too. 

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and an Excellent New Year to all!

Katie Dalton's Christmas

This one is special because I got it the year my mom passed away and she also used to collect sand dollars along the beach
This ornament is also special because it's seven of nine for star trek voyager and she's one of my favorite characters.

Pamela Kinney
The Christmas wreath I made last year that is hanging on our door. The photo doesn't show the star/bell hanging from the bottom of it too.

Adria Reyes
This is my favorite Christmas decoration. It changes colors. We bought it at a fundraiser when my husband & I were first married.

Sharon Stogner
I love my Christmas tree. All the ornaments (I have hundreds) have a meaning. My grandma use to make ornaments and I always get an ornament whenever I visit somewhere. The last one was from Philidelphia, PA...the Liberty Bell. I also have all the Lenox snowflakes released since 1993 when they started.

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