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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Alpha Male Diner: Darren, King of the Lycans by Candace Blackburn + giveaway

The door opens and you step in, walking immediately into a wall of muscle with a mustache, goatee and a scowl. Despite the scowl, you’re taken back by his physical presence. Until he leans down and sniffs you. Sniffs. You. You’re tempted to leave. Meeting supernatural royalty is not worth this magnitude of rudeness. 

“Liam! Front and center, now! Pat this girl down before she gets any further inside the door. I’ve got to pick up Elizabeth’s ice cream.”

You open your mouth to unleash every curse word you’ve ever learned when a set of long, jeans-clad legs descends the large staircase. He fills out his shirt (which makes lewd references to Thor’s Hammer) like he was poured into it. His smile is crazy sexy, and his red hair makes you officially a new member of Team Ginger. 

Huffing, he waves a hand. “Go. I’ve got this.” The scowler walks out the door muttering to himself. The sexy dude waves his hand toward the now closed door. “Sorry about that. Seems that we all tend to be assholes around here periodically. But, enough of that. I’m Darren. Welcome to our home.” 
Darren, King of the Lycans
Recipe created by Candace Blackburn
Return of the Lycan King: Darren and Cassandra (Book 3, Return of the Lycan King Series)

Foul-mouthed, Lycan King with a human mother
Body of a predator, yet he moves silently.
Red hair, grey eyes.
Legs that make his mate drool.

1.Take away human misconceptions.
2. Add newfound abilities, such as ability to control which parts of his body shifts.
3. Add ruling the Lycan Kingdom like a boss.
4. Worship his Queen, both in and out of the bedroom.
5. Combine all ingredients and watch the Alpha develop.

Serving Size: One King, approximately 6’2”, accompanied by his curvy Queen. Often served with growls of the sexual nature. And pecan pie, which, other than Cass, is the King’s favorite dish.

Taste Test
She removed her pants, tossing them to the side, keeping her gaze firmly fixed on his. She repeated the motion with her shirt, and, damn. The sight of this woman laying so invitingly on the bed, clad in tiny scraps of lace almost caused Darren to spill himself in his pants.

At this point, I won't last two thrusts.

Darren lifted her ankle and placed a kiss on her foot. Cass sucked in a breath.

"I...I didn't realize that was an erogenous zone."

"Princess, I'm going to find them all before we leave this room."

by Candace Blackburn 
October 29, 2018
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Candace Blackburn 
Format: Digital eBook
Digital ISBN: 1-7328151-0-0
Darren chases Cass to Ireland, determined to make up for his mistakes. When they return to North Carolina to build their lives together, nothing is the same. Darren has already fought to convince Cass to give him a chance, but a new Monarchy is just the beginning of the changes to the Lycan Kingdom. Secrets and challenges to Darren's crown emerge, and his inner circle closes ranks, to protect their Kingdom, and to make sure the newly-returned Lycan King keeps his crown.

About the Author:
Return of the Lycan King: Darren and Cassandra is the fifth published book by Candace Blackburn, and the third in the ROTLK series. She is a lifelong avid reader, and discovered the love of putting pen to paper at a young age. She’s married to her best friend, and father of their two boys. Candace is also a puppy mom to the world’s loudest, barkiest, most spoiled Min Pin on the planet.

Currently working on what will be the sixth published novel (Dante’s story), she has plans to attend her first book conference as an author!

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