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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

National Celebrations in October

Honestly, you can't get any better for bat month and Halloween than our logo...
There are a lot of great things to octopuses but Oct 12th has the one we all need...
Bat Appreciation Month 
Black Speculative Fiction Month 
Safety Month 
International Starman Month
National Book Month 

October 1 
Chinese Moon Festival 
International Coffee Day 
International Day for the Elderly 
National Homemade Cookies Day 
World Vegetarian Day
National Black Dog Day 
National Book It! Day 
Willy Wonka Day

October 2 
National Custodial Worker Day 
Name Your Car Day 
World Smile Day
Guardian Angels Day 

October 3 
International Frugal Fun Day 
National Boyfriends Day 
Techies Day 
Virus Appreciation Day 
World Card Making Day

October 4 
National Golf Day 
National Frappe Day 
Oktoberfest in Germany ends 

October 5 
Do Something Nice Day 
World Teacher's Day
 Clive Barker’s Birthday

October 6
6-12 Mystery Series Week
Come and Take it Day 
Mad Hatter Day 
Physician Assistant Day

October 7 
Bald and Free Day 
National Kale Day
Edgar Allen Poe’s Deathiversary
 Random Acts of Poetry Day

October 8 
8-12 International Cephalopod Awareness Days 
American Touch Tag Day 
Yom Kippur
World Octopus Day
Astronomy Day (Twice a year, Spring and Fall) 

October 9 
Curious Events Day 
Fire Prevention Day 
Leif Erikson Day 
Moldy Cheese Day 
World Egg Day
Guillermo del Toro’s Birthday 

October 10 
International Newspaper Carrier Day 
National Angel Food Cake Day
National Costume Swap Day 

October 11 
It's My Party Day
Octopus Myths and Legends Day (“For all the fantastical cephalopods of movies, literature and legend. Release the Kraken!”) 

October 12 
Columbus Day
Cookbook Launch Day 
Indigenous People Day
Old Farmer's Day 
Moment of Frustration Day 
National Gumbo Day
International Moment of Frustration Scream Day 

October 13 
International Skeptics Day 
Sukkot, at sundown
National Face Your Fears Day 

October 14 
Be Bald and Free Day 
Emergency Nurses Day 
National Dessert Day
National Fossil Day
National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day 
Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day
Spider-Man Day (Also Aug 1) 

October 15 
White Cane Safety Day
Grouch Day 

October 16 
Bosses Day 
Dictionary Day 

October 17 
National Pasta Day 
Sweetest Day
Wear Something Gaudy Day 

October 18 
Photo credit: su-lin on / CC BY-NC-ND
National Meatloaf Appreciation Day 
No Beard Day 

October 19 
Evaluate Your Life Day
Michael Myers’ Birthday 

October 20 
Brandied Fruit Day 
International Chefs Day
Bela Lugosi’s Birthday
National Day on Writing 

October 21 
Babbling Day 
Count Your Buttons Day 
International Nacho Day 
National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day
Reptile Awareness Day 

October 22 
National Nut Day 

October 23 
National Mole Day 
Tv Talk Show Host Day 

October 24 
Make a Difference Day
Neighbors helping neighbors 
National Bologna Day 
United Nations Day 

October 25 
25-31 International Magic Week
International Artist Day 
Mother-In-Law Day
Punk for a Day Day 
World Pasta Day
Chucky, The Notorious Killer Doll Day 
Sourest Day 
St. Crispin’s Day 

October 26 
National Mincemeat Day
Howl at The Moon Night 
National Pumpkin Day 

October 27 
Black Cat Day 
National Tell a Story Day 
Navy Day
Visit a Cemetery Day 

October 28 
Plush Animal Lover's Day 

October 29
Hermit Day 
National Frankenstein Day 

October 30 
Frankenstein Friday
National Candy Corn Day 
Mischief Night
Create A Great Funeral Day (Don’t fear the Reaper) 
Haunted Refrigerator Night 
Visit A Cemetery Day 

October 31 
10/31-11/1 (last week of the month): Give Wildlife a Brake! Week (Including Bigfoot!) 
Carve a Pumpkin Day 
Increase Your Psychic Powers Day
National Magic Day (Memorializes the death of Harry  Houdini)

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