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Thursday, December 3, 2020

Excerpt: A Wisp of Fate (Elsie True Series #1) by Kristy Centeno + giveaway

A Wisp of Fate (Elsie True Series #1) 
by Kristy Centeno
November 20, 2020
261 pages
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Elsie True lives with only one goal in mind …
… to avenge her father’s death.

Branded a traitor among the brotherhood of the Cause, an organization dedicated to the destruction of all magical creatures, her father was unjustly murdered for falling in love with a celestial being, leaving a teenage Elsie to learn the creature-hunting business with the help of her father’s old friend.

Her life revolves around besting the Cause and keeping the world safe from any creatures that get out of hand. When her mentor signs her up for another case, she jumps at the opportunity to steer business away from the corrupt organization.

Not long into the investigation, she realizes she might have walked right into a setup, including coming face-to-face with a creature she doesn’t know if she should kill or protect.

Elsie feared little in life, but she isn’t prepared to face the demons of her past, especially those hell-bent on killing her. Outwitting her enemies means solving the case, but in a world where she has more foes than friends, who can she trust?

The explosion of movement came from the east instead of the north, catching her off guard for just a second before she pulled herself together and pivoted to her left in time to avoid a slice of a bowed knife blade identical to hers. A foggy specter skated past her, solidifying briefly before its insubstantial form broke away into frail tendrils of smoke that disappeared within the next instance.

Wielding the twin daggers like miniature swords, she dashed to the side and stepped back away from the trunk of the tree she’d hidden behind. Getting cornered would hinder her counterassault, and she smelled a trap as surely as she detected the second entity sneaking up on her from the field now positioned to her rear.

A two for one special. Wonderful.

All angles open, she flicked her gaze left and right, looking for precipitous activities of any kind. A glimmer of metal as it caught the light of the moon above was all the warning she got before the first Bedevil shot forward, blades blazing. She pivoted and parried, raising her left arm up to sink her own weapon into the entity’s side all in one quick blur of motion.

The misty specter took the form of its latest victim, that of a girl no more than fourteen or fifteen, and shrieked. Its green eyes stared accusingly at her, as if blaming her for what the creature had done.

About the Author

Kristy Centeno loves to spin tales of creatures that go bump in the night, with a sprinkle of romance to top them off. Her passion for writing stems from a lifelong enjoyment of reading and the pleasure derived from the magical worlds created by authors like her. She prefers her female leads strong, independent, and stubborn who will stop at nothing to save their loved ones and protect those they care for.

Kristy currently resides in Pennsylvania with her five kids, a quartet of noisy parakeets, and a spoiled puppy. When she is not working or writing, she juggles her free time between raising a handful of minions and pursuing other career goals.

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