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Monday, December 28, 2020

Excerpt: Law of the Heretic (Immortality Shattered Book 1) by Christian Warren Freed + giveaway

Law of the Heretic (Immortality Shattered Book 1) 
by Christian Warren Freed
January 14, 2018
Genre: Epic Fantasy
The Staff of Life has been lost for a thousand years. Imbued with the powers to dominate all life, the Staff can save or ruin the Free Lands. Many have sought out the Staff. All failed. Until now.

The time of peace is ending. Betraying his oath and bond, the Black Imelin murders former friends and sets out to find the lost Staff of Life. With it he will bring the Free Lands to their knees.

Author Christian Warren Freed brings a new world to life with Law of the Heretic. Filled with dangers, monsters, and creatures hidden for centuries, Immortality Shattered delivers the same intense action and character driven world building combined with his military experience that fans worldwide have come to enjoy.

A small band of heroes assembles but success is far from guaranteed. Life and death hang in the balance and the future is in doubt.

Start the epic journey of two men struggling with what they are and who they were meant to be.

The Golden Warriors slowed their approach to a walk as they entered the thickest part of the forest. Morningstars, lethal spiked balls dangling on chains, hung loose in anticipation. Every trooper felt it. Battle was about to be joined. The forest had grown deathly quiet. Even the wind stopped blowing. The Golden Warriors knew all too well the tactics of the former Aragothian army. They also knew that the advantage would remain theirs, so long as the troop remained mounted. 

Patting his horse’s neck in reassurance, more for his own sanity than for the horse, Aron lifted the face piece on his helmet. He swore he spotted the glitter of gold dangling from distant trees. Perhaps he was tired, allowing fatigue to influence his mind. Mistakes were commonplace in military operations. He stopped his horse and gestured Amean forward. Together they stared into the deceiving forest. Pale rays of sunlight threw light where otherwise dark would be, while casting shadows into the visible world. 

“I may be old, and a bit of a fool, but that looks like armor,” Amean said, without humor. 

Aron closed his eyes. His worst fears were being realized and now collided with the quiet urges of sleep already taunting him. “I feared this. Get five men to come with me. I don’t want the rest of the troop seeing this.” 

“The scouts?” 

Aron nodded.

The Bitter War of Always (Immortality Shattered Book 2) 

The Land of Wicked Shadows (Immortality Shattered Book 3) 

Storm Upon the Dawn (Immortality Shattered Book 4) 

About the Author
Christian W. Freed was born in Buffalo, N.Y. more years ago than he would like to remember. After spending more than 20 years in the active duty US Army he has turned his talents to writing. Since retiring, he has gone on to publish 17 military fantasy and science fiction novels, as well as his memoirs from his time in Iraq and Afghanistan. His first published book (Hammers in the Wind) has been the #1 free book on Kindle 4 times and he holds a fancy certificate from the L Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest.

Passionate about history, he combines his knowledge of the past with modern military tactics to create an engaging, quasi-realistic world for the readers. He graduated from Campbell University with a degree in history and is pursuing a Masters of Arts degree in Military History from Norwich University. He currently lives outside of Raleigh, N.C. and devotes his time to writing, his family, and their two Bernese Mountain Dogs. If you drive by you might just find him on the porch with a cigar in one hand and a pen in the other.

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  1. This sounds like a thrilling series. And I really like the cover theme for these.

  2. Great covers and I also like the description of your series. Thanks.