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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Read the entire FLAME SERIES by Daniella Brodsky for only 99 cents!

Don't miss your chance to read the entire FLAME SERIES by Daniella Brodsky for only 99 cents! 

Flame Series Complete Box Set: Second Chance Romance Collection
by Daniella Brodsky
December 29, 2020
Genre: humor, romance
From #1 Amazon bestselling author Daniella Brodsky comes a delicious complete series box set of all three full-length novels from the Flame Series, full to the hilt with steamy, emotional, second-chance romance and heroes so hot you’ll need to turn up the air-con.

These sexy, swoony romances introduce you to:
One smoldering Aussie alpha soldier, one smokin’ Hawaiian-Irish ex-boyfriend who’s (unfortunately) hotter than ever, and a Billionaire Aussie with a broken heart who can melt panties in a single glance. Now grab that cold drink and prep yourself for three hot reads.

Book One: Keep Calm and Perfect Your Smolder
When my girlfriend’s best friend turns out to be my ex, the love of my life, I know the fates have aligned: I have to get her back. I have to show her that she was the path I should have chosen all those years ago.
*Warning: This story contains cheating.

Book Two: Aloha Old Flame
I did the right thing convincing Emma to sever her small-town tie to the island that would only drag her back. I knew her move to Paris would break our hearts, but she was off to bigger and better things and damn if I was going to be the one to stand in her way.

Back then, I was sure eventually, I’d meet someone else, the way people always did when they got older. We were just kids, and I was cocky. How could I not be with the way girls were literally lining up for me?

And for years, I’d convinced myself I was the hero in all this, until I couldn’t convince myself any longer.

Book Three: Insanely Hot, Then Not
It’s incredible, the way I can’t stop thinking about that curvy girl on the train with the sexy pixie hair. She’s the only thing getting me through the emotional minefield my father’s death has sent me walking through.

Imagine my surprise when she turns out to be the single mom standing in the way of me bulldozing my dad’s building--the only thing I’ve been desperately counting on for some closure.

What could go wrong?

*This box set contains three full-length romances with guaranteed HEAs. The Flame Series books have some crossover characters but can be read in any order and have no cliffhangers.

About the author
Daniella Brodsky is the bestselling author of a dozen contemporary romance novels—one of which has been adapted by Disney as the film, Beauty & The Briefcase, starring Hilary Duff. (I know, right?!)

She writes sexy, swoony romance with hot alphas, which often takes readers into far-off destinations. This is because she’s lived all over the world, from New York to London to Sydney and Honolulu. She now lives in Australia, and lots of her alpha males are Australian because let’s face it: they’re hot. And the accent doesn’t hurt either. That’s why she married one.

Daniella is an adjunct Creative Writing Lecturer at James Cook University and edits and teaches fiction craft at her Captain Cook Studio. A native New Yorker, she lives in Canberra, Australia, with her husband, two daughters, and a beagle who has eaten so many things she shouldn’t have, she’s lucky to be alive. Stop by and say hello at her facebook page at

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