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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Awesome Calenders for 2013

Here are some cool calenders you can get through 
I like the fold your own zombie, robots and unicorn ones myself <G>

Now I know what you are thinking... why are you posting links to cool ass calenders from Well, we are an affiliate of Amazon and anytime someone buys something from them through a link on our site...we get a small percentage thru advertising for them. We use this to pay for shipping contest winners items and swag for the flock. 

This time of the year a lot of people mail order from Amazon, so if you are going to order something anyway, why not use the link on our blog and help a sheep out? I will be occasionally posting all sorts of cool stuff I find that might make great gifts for our readers. Am I hoping you will click and make an impulsive buy? um..yeah! <G> Even if you don't see something you want, pass the link to this post to someone who might.



  1. There are a couple of really cute sheep ones.

    1. I know! I was looking a few and then kept finding all these great calenders so I thought why not make a post with them. I want the zombie paper folding one. I got it for my teenager last year

  2. The zombie paper doll ones are adorable, I still have so many to put together from last years calendar. Walking Dead calendar <3 get me some Rick!