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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Movie Review: Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania 
Director: Genndy Tartakovsky
Writers: Peter Baynham , Robert Smigel
Starring: Adam Sandler, Kevin James and Andy Samberg
Hotel Transylvania (2012) 91 min
Animation | Comedy | Family
28 September 2012 

Welcome to the Hotel Transylvania, Dracula's lavish five-stake resort, where monsters and their families can live it up, free to be the monsters they are without humans to bother them. On one special weekend, Dracula has invited some of the world's most famous monsters - Frankenstein and his wife, the Mummy, the Invisible Man, a family of werewolves, and more - to celebrate his daughter Mavis' 118th birthday. For Drac, catering to all of these legendary monsters is no problem - but his world could come crashing down when a human stumbles on the hotel for the first time and takes a shine to Mavis. 

“I didn't do that” and "Blah, blah, blah" are phrases your kids will be saying after watching Hotel Transylvania. We took our 11 year old daughter to see this and we all enjoyed ourselves. It is the typical kid movie troupe; parent afraid to let their 118 year old child grow up and go out in the world by themselves, but with monsters. 

Dracula built a hotel 118 years ago so monsters would have a place to go where the mean evil humans couldn't hurt them with pitch forks and fire. What Drac doesn't realize is the world is a very different place now. When Jonathan, a slightly clueless backpacking adventurer stumbles into the hotel on the eve of his daughter Mavis’s birthday Dracula panics and tries to pass him off as a monster. Jonathan turns Dracula’s very dull and repetitive birthday celebration, Drac is a bit of a control freak by the way, into something fun and exciting and making friends with all the monsters. Of course he and Mavis “zing!” when they meet and Dracula is not happy. 

Murry, Frank, Drac,Wayne and Griffin
Dracula is a loving doting dad. His lost his true love to an angry mob right after Mavis was born and vowed to protect her from humans, even if that meant deceiving her. All of Dracula’s friends: the wolf man, Frankenstein, the mummy and invisible man are hilarious. There is even sheep in the movie! I kid you not…of course they don’t fare very well, but I don’t want to spoil that for you. The movie score is pop with rapping and techno parodies that your kids will recognize. 

This movie is a lot of fun, with great dialogue, a sweet family theme and a sappy love story. The voice casting was perfect and it is a visually fabulous movie. A must see. Oh! there are lots of zombies...but if you are a card carrying member of P.E.T.Z (People for the Ethical Treatment of Zombies) you might not like what you see <G>.

5 “get out of the road!” Sheep

Sharon Stogner (edit BAK)


  1. Mmm I will have to check if this move is out here in Holland.

  2. I'm going to see this! I don't know when...but I will! Awesome review Sharon