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Saturday, October 13, 2012

News and Updates from the Flock

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We don't do many of these informational posts, but a lot is going on.

Feedburner (Flock in your Box) 
It appears Google is getting rid of feedburner email subscriptions and possibly RSS on Oct. 20, but no one knows for sure what is going on!
We have about 120+ email subscribers. I will try to transfer everyone to a new email subscription service. You will get an email with the option to opt out. If I can’t figure out how to transfer you, then you will have to visit the blog and sign up again. I am looking at MailChimp. They have a detailed post for bloggers here.

Flock Talk 

This is guest post for any of our followers. All you have to do is send me 5-ish of your favorite books or series with a few sentences about why you love each one. I will add blurbs, covers and links. Also include a pic of you or your pet or a sheep and a few sentences about you. You can even make crap up! Here was our first feature post

We held a contest for what to call this feature and here are some. Be sure to vote for your favorite in the sidebar. 

Flock Talk
Ewe talk'in to me?

Ewe Pick The Book
Ewe Might Like..

Pick of the Flock
Talk to the flock

BUT, I have only had one person offer to do this and one person I had to beg <G> so either pony up or I will send Baaart to your mailbox to ask and he WILL give you Sheepy eyes.


I have Pinterest boards for all sorts of sheep and book related information. I try to keep all the content up to date. 

I Smell Sheep board: All our blog posts will be here along with cover reveals, cool pics and general Sheep Baaart-Foolery. 

Contests/giveaways: when I find an awesome contest I will post it here. If your contest isn’t there and you want it to be shoot me a message with the link and I will put it up. Please have a ending date! That way I know when to delete it from the board.

Freebies/Deals: all the amazon links I find. Pretty much the Kindle Krack Attack board. If you don’t have a kindle app sometimes the same books are on sale/free for other ereaders so check. This board changes daily.

Warning: Free books are usually for a day or two. I try to delete them when they are no longer free so ALWAYS check the price before you buy! If you see one that isn't free anymore you can leave a comment on the Pin for me. 

Upcoming Releases
At the very bottom of the blog is an amazon widget with all October releases I found that readers might be interested in. Take a look, get some ideas, click and buy. We are an affiliate for amazon and get a small advertising commission for every sale through our link.

We also are an affiliate for Teefury. This is a pretty cool website. All t-shirts are $10 and every day is a new design. They get their designs from people who submit their work. If you see a shirt you like you better get it cause you might not ever see it again! There is a link in our right side bar and I try to keep it up to date with the shirt of the day.

Halloween events: 

Oct is a big month for events and hops. Most of these are month long so be sure to check them out: 


Feb 22-24, 2013
I will be a guest blogger at this Roanoke, VA event.

Aug 15-18, 2013

I will just be attending this one

Big WOW! ComicFest 
May 18-19
I will be attending 

Phoenix Comicon 
May 23-26
I will be attending

These are confirmed conventions for 2013. More to follow.

Free Pics
This site has FREE (yes) pictures you are allowed to use on your blog. They are quality pics. All you have to do is give credit to the artist and a link to the site. You can opt to have all the credit info you have to include emailed to you! 
Image courtesy of Victor Habbick at

Writer Beware Blog
The two best links for Writer Beware would be the Writer Beware Blog and the Writer Beware web siteOther sites worth examining would be the Preditors and Editors page or the Bewares, Recommendations & Background Check Forum at the Water Cooler on Absolute Write.
Facebook page

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Whew! That was a lot of information! Hope there was something to help you out! Sheep out!


  1. Thanks for all the info Sharon! I'll think about a post for Pick of the Flock :)

  2. Great post! Will there perhaps be a notice on the FB page when the email goes away. I am really wondering if I am going to get up one morning and they will be all gone LOL