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Friday, October 12, 2012

Sheep Comic Review: Debris #2

Debris #2 
By: Kurtis J. Wiebe and Riley Rossmo

In the first issue of Debris, Kurtis and Riley quite effectively introduced Maya as a gorgeous redhead with unparalleled combat skills among her post-apocalyptic village. And following the death of her mentor and the encroachment of giant man-hunting machines, she left the relative safety of her village in search of Athabasca, the legend of a place that can help them with their dwindling resources and decaying machines.

The wastelands beyond her village's walls are lousy with giant mechanical monsters, but that's not much of a problem for Maya, as evidenced by the way she puts a stomping on what looked like a cross between the Tinman and a werewolf in the issue #2's opening pages.

When a sandstorm forces her to seek shelter in a ghost town, she discovers she's not alone out there in the desert. Kessel, an ex-pat from her home, has been holed-up alone for years, but the rumors Maya has been told about his departure turn out to be lies and she's left to wonder why. But there's not a lot of time to think about that, because she has to traverse some treacherous landscape if she has any hope of finding Athabasca. And that's not going to be easy with a marauding band of those wolf-like machines tailing her--and something else.

Again, the artwork is remarkably stunning for such a barren setting. Everything on the page just kind of pops and there's a kinetic feel to all of the action scenes, which is bolstered by incredible monster designs and Maya's all-round badassery.

If I'm going to take exception to anything, it's the unspoken little details left hanging from the first issue. At the end of the #1, Maya saw what looked like the ghost of a machine rising into the sky after it was destroyed. There is no mention of that or anything like it in this second issue. Also, Maya was knicked by one of the machines in the previous issue, and one of the shards left on the ground burrowed into the sand of its own volition. What the heck was going on there? Well, this second issue gave no explanation on that either.

Now at the midway point in this series, I really have to wonder just where everything is headed and what questions are going to be answered. Well, I have the third issue on my to-be-read pile, so I guess I'm going to find out.

3 and 1/5 out of 5 Sheep 
Guest Reviewer: Gef Fox 

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