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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Guest Post: Elizabeth Jkolodziej Witch Devotions - giveaway

Today we have Elizabeth Kolodziej, author of the Last Witch series. The third book in her series, Witch Devotions, just released and guess what? She mentions the I Smell Sheep in her book! How cool is that? She tells us why and gives the snippet from her book. Much sheep love to Elizabeth for shout out :)

Pay it Forward

Good morning sheepies! I am so glad to be doing a guest post at the wonderful I Smell Sheep website! It is truly one of my favorites and I don’t know where I would be without Sharon beta reading for me. <Grin> 

Today I not only want to promote my third book, Witch Devotions, I also want to talk about paying it forward. I may not be an author with stats like JK Rowling, however I’m doing better than I was when I first started in 2010 when Vampyre Kisses first made the scene. When you find certain people that just make your life and business so much easier I sometimes don’t know how to repay the kindness. 

So I do it through my books. <Smile> There is nothing I like more than putting little tid bits in a book that mention a person, place or object. In Witch Devotions I did just that for Sharon, because writing this book was so difficult after my dad passed away. I was only two chapters into it when the event happened and Sharon was the one to beta read, not the whole story, but parts of it for me. (I got stuck A LOT while writing this one)

Normally, I write out the whole story and then give it to someone to be beta read. However, because this was so personal at the time, Faith was experiencing the same thing I was with death, I had to do it that way. It made the book all the better though and it really helped me to deal with my own issues.

As a thank you I did a little mention of a certain flock in the book. Check it out: 

“Drinking to remember? Or drinking to forget?”

I couldn’t help but laugh at the question. “Oh, if only it were that easy.” I clutched the glass of whiskey and took a sip. 

The bartender hung around, drying off a wine glass with his towel. “All alone tonight, doll?” He was an older man with salt and pepper hair so I didn’t mind the “doll” comment, especially since I found his Bronx accent as soothing as a gentle breeze to a sweaty football player. 

I nodded while blowing out a mouthful of fire. “It would appear so, Jack.” Slouching over the bar, I leaned my head against my hand. Music in the background became louder as the singer began impersonating Sinatra with songs of love and luck. Yeah, luck, that would be nice right about now, but I was no lady. Rubbing some dirt off my jeans, I regretted not going back to change before hitting up this place, but I didn't want to chance stopping by home. So I still had on the same pair of beat-up jeans that now sported a big hole in the knee from fighting with Isaac. Thankfully, my shirt with the “I Smell Sheep” logo was well intact. 
(look there we are!!!)
“Wanna talk about it?” 

Lifting my head and straightening up, I grinned at him. “Do you believe in good and evil?” 

He chuckled. “Of course, but around here I see more of the evil.” 

I joined him with the chuckle, since it was true. Running a hand through my hair, I stared at myself in the mirror behind the bar. “Do you think there is good in everything?” Blinking, I glanced at the man before he answered. 

He leaned against the bar with his elbows. “Doll, everyone around here has that devil and an angel on their shoulders. It just depends which one grabs hold of you stronger.” He pointed to the right. “Take that guy, for instance. He has been sitting there for a half hour, staring at the hooker over there.” I took note of the big-breasted blonde with the see-through top and tighter than looked possible sparkly pants. “That ring on his finger has been sliding on and off the whole time.” 

We continued to stare. The guy at the end of the bar put some money on the table, chugged his drink and made his way over to the woman, while slipping the ring into his pocket. 

I couldn't help but make a noise of disgust and snicker. “Does he know that’s a hooker?” Gulping down my own drink, I tapped the counter, indicating another.

“Nope.” We both started chortling and he poured me another, along with one for himself. “But do you see what I’m sayin’?”

I made a knowing noise. Pondering the idea some more, I thought about what Louis said over and over again. “What if that person doesn’t have a soul though?” I played with the white napkin, tearing the end pieces here and there.

“Some say you aren’t born with a soul, but that you have to earn it.” The crows’ feet around his eyes was endearing. 

“Touché.” I leaned forward. “Okay, but what if they had a soul, then lost it and…”

“Lady, lady, I think you’re over analyzing this a little too much. Look, some peoples are good and some aren’t so much. Just like some dogs won’t bite, but others will. It’s all about that individual, not the masses.”

Give it to a bartender to make it seem so obvious and simple. Shaking my head with a grin, I grabbed a fifty and slid it over to him. “Keep the change.” 

“Thanks, doll. Keep your nose clean.” 

“Oh, if only it were that easy.” Sliding off the stool, I gasped as I found myself standing in front of Vincent. My surprise turned into a heated wave of chest clenching, fist-forming, and seeing red anger quicker than he could get a word out. Of course, I let all of that emotion wash out and turned indifferent; even though I knew he had already saw, felt, and smelled all of that rage I harbored towards him.

I really hope you enjoyed the excerpt and go out and buy the book! <Grin> And for everyone out there I would like to give away one free eBook copy of Witch Devotions. Enjoy!

<3’s and fangs,
Liz ^_^

With Trent gone, Faith, the last witch in the world, feels she can not go on without him. The pain grows so intense that she shuts out her friends and loved ones to be alone; unsure of what to think about the paranormal world anymore. However, on a trip to see Gordon she realizes what she can do to make the pain go away. A spell. 

But, the spell ends up back firing and Faith has now forgotten the past six months. All the memories of vampires, werewolves, and her magical training have vanished. And the first to find her is Louis who comes to whisk her away and change the course of her life forever.

Webs of lies and deceit have Faith feeling powerless and scared that when Louis gives her the option of becoming a slayer she takes it, hoping to get revenge on the race she believes stole the past six months of her life away. With the Goddess Circe interfering, Lilith still missing and Faith unable to remember Trent, no one knows what will happen next!

However, when a stranger enters her life bringing with him secrets to her missing memories, Faith can no longer trust those around her and must figure out for herself who is good and who is evil. The world of vampires and werewolves or that of slayers. The coin is still up in the air and Faith must make a choice of where her devotions lie.

About the author:

With a B.A. in English from George Mason University, Elizabeth J. Kolodziej is the author of popular Last Witch Series. With raving reviews from places like Reader Views
and Reader’s Favorite, Elizabeth has spent the past several years publishing and marketing her books; proudly getting her own book, Vampyre Kisses, into Barnes and Noble stores. With a history of researching the origins of vampires, werewolves and witches since she was young, she now studies new and inventive ways to market herself while trying to help and inspire other writers along the way.

Elizabeth has kindly offered an ecopy of Witch Devotions to one commenter. 
To enter:
1. leave contact info
2. Have you paid it forward recently or had someone do it for you?
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  1. Would like to thank I Smell Sheep for the tip on the free pics. That will definitely help me. Can always use a new source. Thanks for the giveaway.


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  4. I certainly try to pay it forward, not sure I always succeed, but trying never hurts anything. Thank you for the fun and I am so glad that Faith got her shirt in time for this post ;=D I am really looking forward to this installment in the series and thank you so much for sharing with us and for the awesome giveaway opportunity. I am definitely a sheeply stalker, I mean follower.

  5. I've paid it forward.

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  6. contest closed and the winner is Sherry! I am sending you an email :) thanks to everyone who stopped by :)