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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Book Review: Big Nate Flips Out (Big Nate: Novels #5)

Big Nate Flips Out (Big Nate: Novels #5)
By: Lincoln Peirce

Big Nate is a New York Times bestseller! Here comes the latest illustrated novel from Lincoln Peirce, all about king of detention and cartooning genius Nate Wright!

Everyone knows N-A-T-E does not equal N-E-A-T!

And when Nate's sloppiness gets out of hand, his best friend, Francis, is in serious trouble.

Can Nate clean up his act, or will he flip out first?

Includes a sneak peek of the next Big Nate novel, Big Nate: In the Zone!

Every once in a while Harper-Collins sends me some children's books for review. So I asked 6th grader Tucker Richardson to help me out. He would know better than I if a kid's book was worth checking out. I sent Tucker the book and some questions about it.

What is this book about? What kind of trouble is Nate getting into?

Tucker: Nate lost a camera that Francis borrowed, and then he goes to Teddy’s uncle Pedro and he gets hypnotized and he becomes neat. Then he goes crazy because he’s so neat, and he doesn’t have time to catch Nick who has the camera because he (Nate) knocked over a desk with papers and he stopped to pick it up. He has an argument with Francis and then Francis won’t talk to him, then Francis gets in trouble. In the end he finds the camera. Nate gets in trouble with Francis for losing the camera.

Did Big Nate Flips Out make you laugh?
: Yes, it made me laugh a lot.

What was your favorite part of the book?
: When they recorded Nick when he told them he stole the camera.

Are you messy like Nate?
: Sometimes.

Would you recommend this book to other kids?
: Yes, I would recommend this book.

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Thank you Tucker for all your help! Be sure to check out Tucker's other review:

Guest Reviewer: Tucker Richardson
11 years old, 6th grade 
Likes: reading, Transformers, Ninja Turtles, movies, video games, collecting cards, Legos, cooking 
Dislikes: cleaning house, doing dishes and laundry ;-)

About the author:
Big Nate website
Lincoln Peirce is a cartoonist/writer and the creator of the comic strip Big Nate. It appears in more than two hundred U.S. newspapers and online daily at comics.comLincoln Peirce lives with his wife and two children in Portland, Maine.
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  1. Tucker you are the bomb! Thanks for sharing this sounds like a fun read to share with our kids :)