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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sheep Comic Review: Ghosted #2 by Joshua Williamson

Ghosted #2
Story By: Joshua Williamson
Art By: Goran Sudzuka
Art By: Miroslav Mrva
Cover By: Sean Phillips
Price: $2.99
Diamond ID: JUN130543
Published: August 14, 2013
Image Comics

The Trask Mansion has a bloody history of death and dismemberment. Jackson T. Winters' #1 rule to survive it: Get out before the sun goes down. But how can his team of paranormal experts steal a ghost without breaking a few rules? 

If stealing a ghost can net you big money, I suppose you'd want a fairly big team. In Jackson's case, he's recruited a skeptic, a couple of reality TV ghost hunters, a grifter/magician, and a celebrity medium. Oh, and there's the mercenary, too. It seems like all the bases are covered in the Trask Mansion, a reportedly haunted house that's host to one sinister history and a heckuva lot ghosts. But there's a mole in the team, as Edzia the medium is holding back on the rest of the group.

I guess everyone has an agenda, so maybe all is fair. Trick the magician is looking for anything valuable that's not tied down. The Burns brothers are after some valuable evidence of a real haunting. And Jackson of course wants a big payday when it's all over.

The story hasn't quite gelled yet, though. All of the pieces are there is seems, but the characters are only just starting to come out and shine. And the little cliffhanger from the first issue was all but ignored, with Edzia aware the house is swarming with spirits yet telling the rest of the team she can't detect anything during the daytime. Daytime seems to be their only hours of operation though, as Jackson wants nothing to do with the house at night.

I might have hoped to see what happens inside the house at night, since a couple of characters have already gotten a glimpse at what the place is capable of during the day, but it seems there is a bit of a plot twist that has the team focusing their talents elsewhere for the time being. The atmosphere of the place is coming through really well now, but I guess I'll have to wait for the third issue to see if the tension can mount. So far it's been a slow build and no sign of a payoff anytime soon.

3 1/2 Sheep
Guest Reviewer: Gef Fox
Wag The Fox

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