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Monday, August 26, 2013

Sheep Interview: Rachel Caine + giveaway

Urban Fantasy author Rachel Caine decided to take the I Smell Sheep interview challenge! We tried to ask her questions she has never been asked before. You will find out what she likes to crank on the iPod and what accessory she likes to wear while writing. And she will tell you a little about the newest release in her Revivalist series, Terminated.

Sharon: Since you have over 30 novels published you've probably been asked all sorts of questions during interviews, many being the same old, same old. So it is our mission to ask you questions you have never been asked before! Ready?
Katie: Oh dear, this could get crazy fast Rachel. Here’s a glass of Kool-Aid to take the edge off.
Rachel: I'm ready. Um … go ahead and throw some Red Bull into that Kool-Aid. It's early here!

Sharon: Do you write with shoes on or off?
Rachel: I'm currently sitting in the lobby of the Beverly Hilton, surrounded by (NO LIE) movie stars, so they frown on the whole shoes-off thing. But if I was at home, wrapped in my Writing Blankey (yes, I have one) then SHOES OFF. (My writing blankey has a foot pocket. Oh yes. I know you're green with envy right now.)

Sharon: I asked Rachel to fill in the blanks for these sentences. Her answers are in red.

“If MAKING CHEESECAKE was an Olympic event, I would win the Gold Medal!”

“If HOUSECLEANING was an Olympic event, I wouldn’t even qualify.”

Katie: If you were a pizza, what toppings would you have?
Rachel: I would be Supreme, baby. Loads of EVERYTHING. (I would have said Meat Lovers, but that sounds suspiciously, um, never mind.) (But seriously, I love the Meat Lovers pizza.) (With cilantro, is that so wrong?)
Sharon: If cilantro on meat is wrong, I don't want to be right!

Sharon: Do you hoard collect anything?
Rachel: I am a mild collector of things mostly jewelry. Not super expensive stuff, but fun things. My husband, however, is the HOARDER TRUE COLLECTOR … he has a ton of collectible books, pulp magazines and comics. We share a love of paintings and illustration art, so we both collect that, though. 

Sharon: If you could unread or un-see something just so you can experience it again, what would it be?
Rachel: I'd dearly love to see LORD OF THE RINGS again for the first time. And as far as reading, I suppose the Morgaine books by CJ Cherryh, which I adore.

Katie: This is a little known fact I’m about to share. Heads up, it’s weird. I clean my house every week and fantasize about; Tom Hardy showing up because he got lost in my area and needs my help. You can laugh now…
[Waits for laughing to end] 

So anyway, is there someone you fantasize about meeting while you clean and what would you do if you met them? 
Rachel: This presupposes that I clean. Or that I think while I clean. Either one. But there are daydreamy times where I often think that if James Spader got lost in my neighborhood, I would take him for coffee and we'd discuss the awesomeness of Daniel in Stargate. Because why not. JAMES SPADER.
Sharon: I call dibs on Kurt!

Sharon: If you could own any piece of art in the world what would it be and where would you put it?
Rachel: Hands down, it would be Girl With A Pearl Earring, by Vermeer. Such an incredibly beautiful, haunting piece of work. But I'd have to put it in an impenetrable fortress, because I would be so crazy at the thought something might happen to it, so … maybe I'd better just be happy with my copy. The stress of owning it would kill me.
Sharon: If Katie and I were to turn on your car stereo what would we hear before the cops came to take us away?

Katie: Hey now! We stopped doing that months ago. 
Rachel: Right now? (checks iPod) Fall Out Boy's "Beat It" with John Mayer! CRANK IT BABY. CRANK IT LOUD AND DANCE LIKE FOOLS.
Sharon: You head the lady! Crank it loud!!!!
Fall Out Boy - Beat It (Ft. John Mayer)

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Sharon: Lenny or Squiggy?
Rachel: Squiggy!

Katie: Tom Hardy in Warrior or Tom Hardy as Bane?
Rachel: Warrior!

Sharon: Audio or visual?
Rachel: Yes.

Katie: Frosted mini wheat or Chocolate Krave? 
Rachel: Krave all the way.

Sharon: Bang your elbow or bang your toe?
Rachel: Can I bang a drum instead?

Katie: Unicorn ride or Dragon ride?

Sharon: Coke or Pepsi? (we ask this of everyone so it doesn’t count in the never asked before challenge)
Rachel: Dr. Pepper
Sharon: wait a minute... Dr. Pepper is a Pepsi product! Winning!

Katie: Best night ever or Best dream ever?
Rachel: Best night ever: Dinner at the Chimay restaurant in Belgium. Yeah. It was shmancy.

Sharon: Ball game or board game?
Rachel: Board game. Unless the ball game is Rollerball.

Sharon: Since we didn't ask you about the newest release Terminated book #3 in your Revivalist series, now is the time to tell our readers anything you want them to know. 

*psst… they are highly suggestible right now for reasons we can’t divulge. Just don’t eat the mint moonpies* 

Rachel: *Stares at the half-eaten moonpie in her hand* Oh. Um … right. If you haven't heard of the Revivalist series yet, it's a good time to dive in from the beginning with Working Stiff and Two Week's Notice … because Terminated is coming out! If you hate zombie books, don't worry: it isn't a zombie story. It's a story about a woman funeral director who discovers her bosses are using classified nano tech to revive the dead for profit … tech that can keep you "alive" for as long as you pay to have the shots, but once you stop taking the drug, you go right back to being dead. 

Throw in Bad Big Pharma, shadowy government agencies, eccentric millionaire boyfriends who may or may not be Batman, and a cabal determined to rake in billions from the Death Business, and you've got the Revivalist series. It's more SF than fantasy, but it's 90% action/adventure/spy thriller, so dive on in! I promise, it's fun.

Also, I kill my characters more than ever. BUT THEY CAN TAKE IT because y'know, already dead! Sort of.

THANK YOU for this great interview! Loved it!

Terminated (Revivalist #3)
by Rachel Caine
In New York Times bestselling author Rachel Caine’s latest Revivalist novel, Bryn Davis’s problems quickly turn from dead to worse…

Already addicted to the pharmaceutical drug that keeps her body from decomposing, Bryn has to stop a secretive group of rich and powerful investors from eliminating the existing ReturnĂ© addicts altogether. To ensure their plan to launch a new, military-grade strain of nanotech, the investors’ undead assassin—who just happens to be the ex-wife of Bryn’s lover Patrick—is on the hunt for anyone that stands in their way.

And while Bryn’s allies aren’t about to go down without a fight, the secret she’s been keeping threatens to put those closest to her in even more danger. Poised to become a monster that her own side—and her own lover—will have to trap and kill, Bryn needs to find the cure to have any hope of preserving the lives of her friends, and her own dwindling humanity…

About the Author:website-FB-twitter

Rachel Caine is the New York Times, USA Today and #1 internationally bestselling author of more than 30 novels, including the immensely popular Morganville Vampires series, the Weather Warden series, and the Outcast Season series.

In 2011, Rachel published the first novel of her new trilogy, The Revivalist Series, with the release ofWORKING STIFF in August, followed by TWO WEEKS’ NOTICE in August, 2012.

She has been honored with a Paranormal Pearl Award and an RT Booklovers Award, and was recently awarded a Career Achievement Award from Romantic Times. Her first young adult novel, Glass Houses, was chosen for the Texas Tayshas List in 2009.

She was born at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, attended Socorro High School in El Paso, Texas, and earned a bachelors degree in business administration from Texas Tech University. She’s worked in many jobs, including accounting, graphic designer, insurance investigation, corporate communications, and web design, to name just a few. She became a full time writer in 2010.

Rachel is married to award-winning fantasy artist R. Cat Conrad, and has two iguanas as pets: Popeye and Darwin.

One print copy of Terminated by Rachel Caine (US only)

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    I would also love to be the winner of Terminated so I can add it to my other Rachel Caine books.

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  13. Hi Rachel, we met at a few conferences & I love your Weather Warden series, but the Revivalist sounds uber cool...must try!

    Thanks Rachel & I Smell Sheep for the giveaway!



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