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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Alpha Male Diner: Santo Castillo (Reaper) by Erin Quinn + giveaway

PNR author Erin Quinn has a new series and the debut The Five Death's of Roxanne Love has a steamy dish of Reaper named Santo Castillo. Stop into the diner and let Erin create a little magic for you to taste!

Santo Castillo (Reaper)

Recipe created by Erin Quinn

The Five Deaths of Roxanne Love (Beyond Series #1)


· One reaper determined to reap the woman who has eluded him three times before
· Body of one suicidal cop named Santo (reaped in the moments before he pulls the trigger)
· 1/3 part cool arrogance and disdain for humanity whipped with a 2/3 mixture of confusing, unwanted and undeniable emotion 
· 1 incredible woman named Roxanne who makes Santo want to be everything he thought he disdained
· A host of creatures from the Beyond determined to destroy them both

Bake on high until Santo and Roxanne can’t deny their feelings and then glaze with enough sexual tension and combustible chemistry to make a reaper want to stay on earth forever. 

Taste Test

The reaper—Santo he reminded himself. He answered to Santo now—listened to the soft sounds of Roxanne disrobing. The whoosh of leather sliding down her arms as she peeled off his jacket. The rustle as she set it aside. She gave a sharp gasp after that. Had she pulled at her wound when she took off her shirt? Should he have helped her?

He pictured himself there, his dark fingers pushing the hem of her shirt up and over her breasts. They would be soft. He would be hard.

The faucet cranked on, followed by the metallic hiss of the shower curtain opening and closing again. The water sounded different when it hit her body. Welcoming. Beguiling. She’d be naked beneath it.

Carnal. His own erotic thoughts stunned him. As much as violence made sense to the reaper, passion had completely bewildered him. He’d never understood the depth of emotion that drove humans to spend their lives together.

Until now.

He ordered food for them both, so focused on the pitch of the spray that the desk clerk on the phone had to “sir” him twice to get a response. He finished speaking and hung up thinking about her skin, how smooth and slippery it might feel beneath his touch, his body a dark shadow against the whiteness of hers.

Everything here was a little more real than Santo had expected. Especially Roxanne.

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All Roxanne Love has ever wanted is to be normal—marriage, kids, the life of June Cleaver. She tries to fit in but can't conceal her ability to defy death--not from the world, not from the darkest creatures of the Beyond and not from the Reaper determined to destroy her. Now Roxanne is on the run, her only ally a compelling, dangerous detective with secrets of his own. Against her will, she's drawn to his quiet strength and heated touch. But can she trust him with the truth?

....until she felt death's kiss.

Incognito as guilt-ridden cop, Santo Castillo, the Reaper's plan is simple: get close to Roxanne, uncover the secret of her immortality and cut it at the source. Yet with this borrowed body come emotions the Reaper hadn't expected. Now nothing is clear but his conflicted desire to protect the woman he came to kill. As destiny forces them to face an enemy hell-bent on using Roxanne to wipe out all of mankind, she and Santo must choose between love....and salvation.

RT Book Reviews Top Pick! 

““Fascinating...powerful...beautifully wrought.” 

Publishers Weekly: “Intense and Satisfying”

Literal Addiction: “The best book I’ve read all year.”

About the Author:
Erin Quinn is an award winning author who writes romance for the thinking reader. Her books have been called “riveting,” “brilliantly plotted” and “beautifully written” and have won, placed or showed in the Booksellers Best, WILLA Award for Historical fiction, the Orange Rose, Readers Crown, Golden Quill, Best Books, and Award of Excellence.

She lives in Arizona with her husband, two daughters and three dogs (all of whom have made debuts in her stories—the dogs, that is, not the husband and kids.)

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  1. No, I´m too much of a chicken-hearted wimp =)
    Can´t wait for my chance to read!
    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Hmm...good question. I guess it would depend if when I meet him I didn't know he was a Reaper.

  3. Heck Yeah....Just because of their "Job Title" doesn't mean they don't need love too :)

  4. I fear that I couldn't trust a Reaper to overcome his innate nature. I would always wonder if he was coming for me. I also would be upset with him if he took members of my family, even though he was only doing his job.

  5. I believe everyone deserves a chance at love so I'd give him a chance. Time would tell on wether he's the one or not.(or if he takes me before I decide :P)

  6. Hecks yay! This sounds fantastic! Thanks for sharing :)


  8. no i would not denise smith

  9. I'm not sure, I guess I'd have to meet him. :D

  10. I think I would have to meet him first to decide on that.

  11. What a fascinating book! I don't think I would be brave enough to date a reaper and I certainly wouldn't trust him.

  12. sure keep life interesting - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com