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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

25 New Releases in Speculative Fiction for Sept 17

Small release week, but still some awesome to be had! Laurell K. Hamilton releases her first Anita Blake novella and one of my favorite authors Lin Welch releases a new UF Downside Rain.

Favorite covers: Unreap My Heart, Kinslayer and The Coldest Girl in Coldtown and Student Bodies.

disclaimer: all these covers are links to our amazon affiliate pages. I Smell Sheep will get a small percentage of all sales through these links as an advertising fee. I Smell Sheep uses the money to pay for sheep s*** and shipping <G>


  1. I really have to stop reading these posts LOL Booklust overcomes my own good sense and I cannot control the one click. Have to admit I hopped over and picked up Kelly Medling's and Holly Black's new offerings - they were just to yummy to pass by ;)

    1. I know! When I am hunting around amazon for the new releases I have a hard time controlling my self too :)