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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Comic Review (ARC): The Strain: The Fall #3

The Strain: The Fall #3
Writer: Lapham, David
Artist: Huddleston, Mike
Cover Artist:
E. M. Gist
Colorist: Jackson, Dan
Publisher: Dark Horse
On Sale: September 18, 2013
Price: $3.99
Product Id: JUL130044

The Silver Angel was famous. A legend in the world of lucha libre, he battled vampires during the Saturday matinee, and, in the ring, no man could withstand his mighty wrestling moves. That was then. Now a broken, poor old man wasting away in New Jersey, the Silver Angel must call upon the courage of his youth to defend his home against real-life monsters!

* Continuing the story of the critically acclaimed comic The Strain!

* The next chapter in The Strain Trilogy, by director Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan!

possible spoilers
“A week ago, they invaded Manhattan. Now they will destroy the world. A vast conspiracy prevents the vampire epidemic from coming to light. A small force is humanity’s only chance: an alcoholic, a doctor, a pawnbroker, an exterminator, and a criminal. Can they prevent the Master from covering the planet in darkness?”

Ah, the third comic installment of The Strain, The Fall. We get to hear a tale from the Professor‘s WWII years and about a certain Nazi, Dreverhaven as he tells Vasility about needing to obtain the Occido Lumen as possibly the way to destroy the Master is in it. The story leaves WWII to 1972 Amsterdam, where the Nazi now is a wealthy and reclusive collector (seems the Master is attracted to wealthy and reclusive men in the books) named Mynheer Blaak. But using a fake version of the book with a cover made of silver, he learns that the former Nazi is a vampire, one he came to kill. In the end, after he tortured him, he dumped the vampire in the North Sea, between the land masses, where he still is. The only thing that bothered me is why this vampire does not have the Nosferatu look like those in present day NYC and even the Master himself. No explanation is ever said in this issue or in the original novel. Maybe in the TV series when it is released?

Besides the Professor’s story, a new character is introduced; whom we see from his past was a luchador--wrestler who wore a mask like the ones in Mexico. He is saved from vampires by Gus and his gang from New Jersey, who come to New York seeking his help.

Though I read this and it predecessor as books, plus the eBook of the third novel in the trilogy, I have enjoyed the comics. This issue is no different. The artwork is superb and disturbing.

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I give this issue 5 sheep

Guest Reviewer: Pamela K. Kinney 
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aka Sapphire Phelan
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  1. Definitely looks like some disturbing visuals here ;) I think I will try the trilogy first, am am intrigued. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.