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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Comic Review: Before Skullkickers (Skullkickers #24)

Before Skullkickers (Skullkickers #24)
Story By: Ron Marz
Story By: Todd Dezago
Story By: Jim Zubkavich
Art By: Lee Moder
Art By: Stjepan Sejic
Cover By: Edwin Huang
Cover By: Jim Zubkavich

Image Comics
Price: $3.50
Diamond ID: JUN130461
Published: August 28, 2013

Before Skullkickers: A return to our classic legacy numbering just in time for a new set of Tavern Tales! Four short stories by top flight talent detailing the earlier adventures of our heroes.- See more

Skullkickers keeps up the satire with its latest issue, this time with some Watchmen-inspired cover art and four short stories that have fun with the origin story and the prequel. There are four stories, each penned by a different writer, and each given a unique art style by different artists.

"Elvish Graces" kicks things off with a young Kusia in training, learning the ways of assassins from a tyrannical instructor. by Ron Marz and Stjepan Sejic. The humor remains, but the change in artwork here really offered a more classical feel to the heroic style of the story and setting.

"Dagnabbit T' Hell" by Adam Warren and Remy Mokhtar offered a more visually familiar, with a foul-mouthed gunslinger fending off a devilishly determined wildcat that appears hellbent on devouring him one article of clothing at a time.

After that there's "Choose Your Partner" by Todd Dezago and Jeff Cruz. A bit of an anime vibe--manga, I suppose, since this is a comic book after all--and a pub setting with Rex chatting up a lass while his Dwarfen sidekick rumbles with the rest of the patrons. Cute, violent, and funny. Not a bad combination.

"Dimensional Theory 101" has series co-creator Jim Zub and artist, Lar Desouza, teaming up with a classroom oratory from the tentacled menace himself, Thool. Or is it herself. Itself, let's go with itself. Anyway, the only really interesting bit from this story was a bit of a teaser for the next story arc.

Skullkickers #24 is a fun distraction while waiting for the next adventure to kick off. Nothing that measures up as a must-read, but any fan of the series will not dare pass up reading it, and newcomers could certainly find themselves drawn to the series by checking this one out, too.

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  1. I don't usually pick up comics but this one looks fun.

  2. Oh my freaking goodness! I just found out about this comic! and rushed and bought the first Treasure trove volume! I haven't read it yet but this thing looks awesome! I had been given a floppy issue with a unicorn...getting axed..yeah awesome. So gald to see you love it and makes me know I'll definitely love it also!

    1. I like you enthusiasm! There are so many great comics out there from indie presses :)