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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Comic Review: Nancy in Hell: A Dragon in Hell

Nancy in Hell: A Dragon in Hell
Writer: El Torres
Art: Enrique Lorenzana
Color: Sandra Molina
Amigo Comics
$3,99, one shot, 32 pages, FC
UPC Code: 799456681665-00111
The Savage Dragon is stuck in hell and only a dead cheerleader named Nancy can help him fight his way out of perdition! While Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon is no stranger to crossovers, this will be Nancy's first and in another twist this one shot is being published by Amigo Comics with Image Comics' blessing.

B-Movie horror fans can't go wrong with this one! As you would expect, our heroes will have to fight their way through a horde of demons and it seems that each one of them is just jam packed with blood and guts that are begging to be spilled with a hack of Nancy's chainsaw. Will the Dragon and Nancy be able to slash and bash their way to salvation or will they burn for all eternity?

Nancy: A Dragon in Hell One Shot is written by El Torres, the creator of Nancy in Hell. El Torres also created and writes Lunita and the hit series Rogues! for Amigo Comics. Be sure to pick up Nancy: A Dragon in Hell in February and own the first crossover between Image and Amigo Comics!
~ Matt Demory
I've never read an issue of Nancy in Hell, and I've never read an issue of Savage Dragon, so what the heck am I doing by reading the one-shot crossover of these two characters?

Chalk it up to morbid curiosity, I suppose.

The book feels like a cross between a superhero comic and The Evil Dead. Savage Dragon--or I should say the son of Savage Dragon--finds himself transported body and soul into the depths of Hell while trying to save people from a hog-headed demoness named Chorabash. Meanwhile, Nancy is a voluptuous woman with a chainsaw and a traveling partner in Lucifer, as they search for an escape from Hell. Sufficed to say, Dragon and his righteous attitude doesn't hit it off with the King of Hell when they meet. Well ... actually, he does hit it off, that being Lucifer's block, which he uppercuts into next week. So much for first impressions.
Lucifer isn't exactly a bad-ass in this introduction though, as Nancy appears to be the resident ass-kicker in Hell and commences to do just that after Dragon kiboshes her running buddy. The reluctant pairing comes about when they realize they can use each other to find an escape from Hell, but must track down Lucifer who has been taken by Chorabash as a gift to another repugnant demoness.

Oh, it's just violence, gore, and a little more violence with the volume set at 10 in this issue. The 32-page issue doesn't feel too compressed, getting just enough backstory included to get a neophyte like me up to speed, but some of the artwork felt uneven. Not in quality, so much as style, with it feeling like a least two artists were tackling this one book. Maybe with it being a cross-over that was possible, but I just saw one illustrator mentioned.

Still, a fun little thrillride for pulpy, action/horror hounds like me. And if the book is designed as an enticement for new readers to either series, it's a pretty good offering. For existing fans of either series, I imagine the strange meeting will suit their tastes just fine, too.

3 and 1/2 Sheep 

Gef Fox
Wag the Fox

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