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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

MystiCon 2014 recap and photos + giveaway

It was another year of fun and nerd-ery at the MystiCon
SciFi/Horror/Fantasy Convention in Roanoke, VA. Special shout out to Barbara DeBary-Kesner and Carl Kesner. I see them at all the conventions in my area promoting MystiCon and then running all over the place at MystiCon making sure things are running smoothly.
it isn't a con till someone sets off a fire alarm

About MystiCon:
The original MystiCon, which took place over July 4th weekend in 1980 was considered a big party by most, but has recently been revived to take place in our favorite Roanoke, VA location, the Tanglewood Holiday Inn. The location and time of year that MystiCon takes place is one that fans, family and friends alike have come to rely on for an awesome weekend of SciFi, Fantasy and Pop Culture.

This convention was resurrected in 2010 by a collection of cool zany and passionatepeople that wanted to keep the family-friendly traditions of open gaming, enjoyment of different literature, arts, imaginations and camaraderie any Con-goer will surely enjoy!

be sure to click to see all the pics and people!

On to the fun stuff like pictures and cool people I met!

One of the great things about any convention is finding out about...other conventions!! I always stop by their tables to find out what is coming to my area.

This con is super special because this is its first year and it will be held in Winston-Salem, NC. I happen to live 15 minutes from where it will be! James Fulbright and Greg Gibson were at the table when I stopped by. I am also thrilled to be one of the literary guests! One of the highlights will be a writers workshop with  3 authors from the Magical Words blog. The intensive seminar offers detailed, specific feedback on the first 2500 words of your manuscript by three published authors. Attendance is limited. More information can be found here.

It was wonderful to talk with Jada Hope at their table. She is one hard working con promoting fiend! It is held in Charlotte, NC May 30-June 1 and I this year I will be going as a George RR Martin stalker guest editor. Hope to see you there! I'll be wearing a Sheep shirt.

The Charlotte Geeks - The geekiest all-day Halloween Party in the Carolinas!
2014 Geek Gala - Oct 25
Crowne Plaza Charlotte Executive Park
5700 Westpark Road Charlotte, NC 28217

There are a lot of indie film makers to check out

I met Donnie Maynard Christianson from Charlotte, NC. He told me about Star Force 7, a digitally animated film. He was kind enough to give me a set of Raven Squad cards and a signed issue #1 (of 6) of the prequel to Star Force 7: The Chill of Distant Eyes to add to my prize pack!
Donnie and Baaart
Star Force 7: The Chill of Distant Eyes
Space Opera meets High Fantasy
Star Force 7 can best be described as “Battlestar Galactica meets Dungeons & Dragons.” This unique series brings elements of classic 70′s sci-fi, Bronze Age comic books, and fantasy RPG games together on an action-packed journey to distant worlds.

I also talked to special effects artist Mariah Johnson (Bio Duck FX) with Darkstone Entertainment about their current project Plan 9 which is a remake of Plan 9 From Outer Space! They have a lot of other cool looking movies out on DVD.

Darkstone Entertainment
Darkstone Entertainment L.L.C. is an independent film company based out of Charlottesville, VA. Originally founded by John Johnson and his childhood friends in 1993, Darkstone Entertainment is now helmed by Johnson and David Simmons III.

Of course I spent a lot of time in the dealers room! So many talented people. Here are some I met.
Look what I bought myself. Miniature replicas of weapons!

Custom Handmade Chain & Scale Maille - Mary Cook
talk about some cool stuff! I loved the dragons and clothing. They make so many things you will have to look at the website to see it all.

Cover dem Bones- outer wear for your inner pirate (and tons of other period clothing)
website (is being revamp right now)
Laura is an amazingly talented costumer/seamstress. She also created eye jewelry!

Of course checking out all the creative costume choices is always one of my favorite things to do!

Reeking Havok-Southwest Virginia Haunt Team
The make and sell custom steampunk guns! And they had the best costumes.
Who's the coolest kids now thanks to Reeking Havok?!

I didn't get to any panels this year...there were to many people to talk too!

I spent time with author (and sometimes reviewer for I Smell Sheep) Pamela Kinney! Went to the signing with Todd McCaffery and A. J. Hartley. Both very personable guys. I didn't go to the John De Lancie panel, but I snapped a pic of him through a window (yeah, I know, creepy) I also talked with Gail Z. Martin!

gamers, cool tshirts and wearable Tribbles oh my!

muscial group Bella Morte and did you know the CW network is a sponsor for MystiCon?
 Vinyl Scratch and Rainbow Dash. And I don't know what the robotics peeps were thinking!
 Gotta have a wizard and check out those shoes!
 Jeff the Killer (Creepy Pasta), I don't know but awesome and the steampunk mechanical sheriff. He walked like a robot.

 demons and aliens!
 warriors (how many times do you think he was told "my, what a big sword you have") and a steam-punk Ghostbuster
Sept 26-28 Charleston, WV

one winner will get this pack of MystiCon goodness!
US/CAN only
MystiCon program book with the awesome creature on the front, signed bookmarks from Gail Z Martin and new post-apocalyptic author Emmy Jackson, signed comic and set of Raven Squad cards, a Plan 9 button and lots of other things for you to check out.

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