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Friday, February 14, 2014

The Flock plays match maker this Valentine's Day

I contacted Sharon and Katie to see if we could perhaps find my friend Nes, a girlfriend. He prefers to be called Butch and he's a lovely guy I met at a ComiCon. Problem is, he's a bit shy and awkward. I told him we'd post his dating profile here and see if anyone knows a single lady who might be interested? He's going to follow this post if anyone would like to dialogue with him.

Name: Nes F. Ratu
Nickname: Butch
Age: Old enough to know how to please the ladies ; )
Current Status: Single
Kids: I guess you could call them that.
Want Kids: I wouldn't turn down an afternoon snack if you've got a few to spare.
Body Type: Hard as stone!
Height: 6'2" When I'm not traveling.
Smoke: Only when I stay out too late.
Drink: As much as I can.

What I'm Seeking: Female to blow my mind. 
Distance: I'll travel for the right babe.
Status: Single or open to being newly widowed.
Drug Use: Absolutely not. Leaves a horrible after taste.
Other Attributes You Find Desirable: A pulse. 

Current Occupation: Self employed. I run a huge network of individuals who handle crowd control and problem elimination.

Hobbies: I like to go out for a drink at night and really connect with people on a deeper level, really feel their essence you could say. I'm also a movie buff. Just watched The Twlight Series. Other than the many inaccuracies, it wasn't too bad. I can't imagine who told them vampires sparkle and can go out in daylight. If you are a vampire, don't try that at home. It's not true! Not that I would know anything about that, it's just pure speculation on my part. I mean, it's not like I watched it and went outside and got a bad burn or anything, because I'm certainly NOT a vampire. And even if I were, I'd never be stupid enough to think that maybe all these years I didn't know I really sparkled.

 Yeah, baby, that's right, I look pretty hot in front of my hot rod, don't I? I'm sure you want a piece of this.

I know how you girls like to feel protected. I had to slip the guy at the door a big five spot to keep anyone from trying to leave. I could smell their fear.

Hanging with my boys.

Just took down another championship.
I was adorable even as a child. You can't fight good genes!


  1. That's quite the profile he has there. Sounds like he likes to take a bite out of life! O.o Funny, I can't think of a single lady right now, they're all in relationships and not up for quick bite or a night on the town. I'm betting his favorite fruit are blood oranges, huh?

  2. I am very happy right now that I love my boyfriend, but Donna, I hope your friend finds his soul mate soon. Has he visited the Addams family?

  3. Well, I'm game! I enjoy the night life, bloody marys (or martys if mary isn't available) and am spectacularly single, so drop me a line Butch!