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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Character Confessions: Nathan Newcomb and his author Felisha Antonette (A Burden Novel) + giveaway

W/ Nathan Newcomb from A Burdened Novel and Author Felisha Antonette 

Thank you! I’m excited to be hosting this inside scoop with Nathan Newcomb here at I Smell Sheep! He’s the hero in A Burdened Novel, and I’m hoping he’ll behave during his exclusive confession today.

Nathan: I’m going to bypass the introductions and get to the meat of this thing now that I can finally get a word in without Felisha controlling my tongue.

Felisha: Nathan you can’t just barge in here taking—

Nathan: *throws up hand* Cut it short, slick. It’s called Character Confessions not Author Takeover.
Felisha: *nods*

Nathan: There's at least thirty things I have problem with, with the way Felisha tells my story. I won't hold you up with all one hundred forty of these things.
Felisha: I thought you said it was only thirty?! How'd we get to one hundred forty?!

Nathan: I changed my mind. Hush it over there. *leans back on chair* I’m a Burdened Sephlem. Not many of you have heard of my kind, which is okay. Stick with vamps and werewolves, they’re nicer. At least, they’re supposed to be nicer. Felisha has made me nice. *gags* The taste of the words is repulsive. I’m nice and I’m mated. I’m nice because I’ve mated. Grant it, I love my mate; she holds my heart in her chest. Literally, thanks to Felisha. It wasn’t enough that the world wants me dead, but this author over here made it so that when I mated, I lost my heart and took on the heart of my mate. This means if Tracey dies, I die. Period.
Felisha: Let’s not give away too much of your story, Nathan. And you better cool it. You can be written out.

Nathan: *narrows eyes* I dare you. If it weren't for me, you'd have no story!
Felisha: *shuts her pie hole*

Nathan: My biggest issue here, is the danger. I wouldn't mind it if I didn't mate. But there's no rest. We fight to stay alive. We fight to breathe. And some days, I want to hold my mate and for once be telling the truth to her when I say everything is going to be fine. But I don't know for sure if it will.
Felisha: Aww, I knew the kind side of you would peek out.

Nathan: *purses lips* It’s fading. *leans over on knees* Want to know my biggest issue? You made me “Swoon” worthy. You know I don't look like this for real.
Felisha: But, Nathan, come on. You’re damn looking in this skin. Like a Stephen James with facial hair, attractive.

Nathan: You did not just compare me to a model!
Felisha: *laughs* Sorry. If it counts. You let your demon peek more times than I would've liked to. I gave you a bit of control. Even over Tracey. Cut me some slack here. It’s for young adults. We can't have you barging out, killing and cussing at people. You do enough cussing and have enough sex to just ride the cusps of making this story a pass for mature young adults. *shrugs* What else could you want from me?

Nathan: I want you to tell the real story of my life. So your readers don't think I’m a romantic wimp.
Felisha: No one is going to think you're a wimp, Nathan. Tyrant, maybe. But not a wimp.

Nathan: Write my own story and make it adult. You’ll have more freedom to do and say what I want.
Felisha: Tempting. Since we have a crossover series, I think we can squeeze that in later. Maybe in your third story. *winks* What do you say we call it a night before you find another reason to make me out as the bad guy?
Nathan: No. The bad guy is my father. But you, my friend, aren’t far behind him. Let’s get outta here. Tracey’s heart is going insane. *rubs chest* I’m never going to adjust to this. Thanks for that, by the way.
Felisha: *pats Nathan’s back* You’re welcome, Nate.

Three Times Torn (A Burdened Novel #2)
by Felisha Antonette
January 9, 2017
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Print Length: 437 Pages
Format: Digital and Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-9971455-4-0
Living for someone has never been this literal. Tracey's fun and free life has taken a nefarious turn. Since releasing her heart to Nathan, the repercussions for choosing to love a Burdened Sephlem have been deadly, daunting, and more dangerous than she ever predicted.

If life only allowed her a moment to breathe, to break away from her tainted father and chaotic friend, the injurious bonding may be easier. But there are sentiments rushing through her veins that is twisting her through a whirlwind of bliss and chaos. And a breath of fresh air only resides in one place. . . Until he's changed. . .

Someone who lives to destroy Tracey's mate, Nathan, has the perfect concoction for tragedy and Tracey is his primary ingredient. Influenced by the sinister intentions of Roehl, Nathan's half-brother, Tracey's outlook on her bond has faltered. She will be required to choose again, and all signs point in the wrong direction; for her and her friend.

Can bonds tied to the soul be broken? Or will a Burdened Sephlem have to bare his soul to keep his mate.

I cross the room, stopping before I get in front of him. “I don’t know how to do that.”

His hand shoots out, easing around my waist, and yanks me to him. “The same way you do everything else,” he affirms, taking my hand his and placing his lips to my palm. A cool breeze I recall sweeping over my face that took away my feather, black hand, and heals me blows across my hand. It tingles with him being so close and the touch of his lips against it. “Just barely kiss my back on each side and maybe in the middle. As you desire for them to go away, you breathe out through your desire for them to fade. And hope you don’t get something started.” He moves my hand to his shoulder. I smile, failing at holding it back. Him saying that is getting something started.

I climb onto the bed behind him. The marks make his back a different kind of attractive. Maybe, deadly attractive, when you know it’s something you aren’t supposed to be involved with . . . but you go with it anyway.

I sweep my fingertips over their areas.

His head falls forward as he mumbles, “Can you not touch me like this? We have to be down for dinner, and then go to your house to finish helping your parents pack for their departure week after next. Keep touching me like this and we’re going to miss something.”

Bringing my lips to the curve of his ear, I drip a kiss on his earlobe. “I vote dinner,” I whisper, kissing the side of his shoulder.

Twisting around, he wraps his hand around my neck, pulling me into his stop my heart from beating, steal the breath from my body, kiss. I lay back on the bed, taking him with me.

He welcomes himself between my legs, gliding his hand over my thighs right up to my butt. 
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About the Author: 

Felisha (Peiri) Antonette writes heart-throbbing young adult and new adult romantic suspense, paranormal, science fiction, and contemporary romance with compelling characters who stick with you long after you turn the last page.

When she's not writing, Felisha spends time with her beautiful daughter, staying cool in Arizona, considering mountain climbing, and finding a way to get back to her hometown Chicago. With a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Creative Writing, she can pick apart a person's motivations to create a believable character, but she has yet to master time management.

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  1. Thank you for inviting Nathan and I to hang out with you all! So much fun! 😊
    ~Felisha Antonette

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