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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Kickstarter Spotlight: Lawless Lands: Tales from the Weird Frontier Anthology

Let's all take a moment to appreciate this stunning cover...then read on to see how you can make this anthology happen.
Wanted to make everyone aware of this cool anthology on Kickstarter. The publisher, Falstaff Books, is out of NC and the editors are all people I know...along with many of the authors involved! Give it a look and pass the word along so we can get it funded!

(NC is rich in literary talent...just saying.) 

 Lawless Lands: Tales from the Weird Frontier embodies the frontier spirit of the American West with a wild left turn into the weird.

Kickstarter link

About this project
Lawless Lands: Tales From The Weird Frontier is an exciting anthology from Falstaff Books. The book will be chock-full of stories by some of the best names in speculative fiction, all of whom have come together to explore the West that never was. You'll be reading about desert gods and demons, golems and gunslingers, travelers across the plains and across the stars. We're all rip-roarin' ready to bring you some fine reading for those long nights on the trail. Saddle up, pilgrims, because the thrills are on the way!

The Authors!
Dave Beynon
Jake Bible
Aubrey Campbell
Alexandra Christian
David B Coe
A E Decker
Gunnar DeWinter
B S Donovan
Jo Gerrard
Laura Anne Gilman
Jeffrey Hall
Barb Hendee
Matthew J Hockey
Faith Hunter
Pamela Jeffs
Nicole Givens Kurtz
Margaret S McGraw
Seanan McGuire
Devon Monk
Edmund Schubert

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