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Sunday, January 29, 2017

TV Show Review: Sweet/ Vicious (Season 1) on MTV (Spoiler Free)

Genre: Drama
Network: MTV
Premiere Date: Nov 15, 2016
Creator: Jennifer Kaytin Robinson
Exec. Producers: Stacey Sher, Amanda Lasher
Taylor Dearden as Ophelia
Eliza Bennett as Jules
Lindsay Chambers as Fiona Price
Nick Fink as Tyler
Dylan McTee as Nate
Brandon Mychal Smith as Harris

Two college gals attend class by day and battle crime by night.

MTV has produced a lot of trash TV, but they have done something right with Sweet/Vicious. I had my doubts...but my 15 year old daughter started watching and wanted me to watch with her.

Sweet/Vicious is a drama with a heavy dose of humor that addresses the rape culture at universities in a respectful and responsible way. I recommend watching it with your high school aged kids, this is a chance to start a dialogue with them (male and female) about a serious subject.

The show is fiction...kind of a collage girl version of The Equalizer. There is a lot of humor to balance out the heavier stuff. But the show also gives equal screen time to healthy relationships between couples and between best friends. It is about support, how to give it and ask for it. As well as some feel good ass kicking. It addresses the very real fact that rape 
on college campuses does get swept under the rug and that the victims are encouraged to stay quiet.
These are melt your heart good guys!
After commercial breaks, the two main stars do a spot telling people that rape is a crime, it is not your fault and give out the hotline for help. All this heaviness doesn't take away from the entertainment value of the show. I know! Hard to believe MTV pulled this off, but they did.
Real talk from the stars
It was also well cast. The two leads Taylor Dearden (Ophelia) and Eliza Bennett (Jules) have great comedic chemistry (there are a lot of laugh out loud moments) and realism when it was called for. The supporting cast rounded things out well. You will hate the bad guys and cheer on the good.
This is a funny bonding moment from episode one when Jules (left) and Ophelia (right) first meet
The 10 episode show ended with possibility for a season two. I'm hoping they do. Rotten Tomatoes gave the show 100%, while the audience gave it 85%. You can watch it on demand.

4.5 "This is gonna hurt" Sheep


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