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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Book Review: Undercurrents: An Anthology of What Lies Beneath

by Lisa Mangum,‎ Jody Lynn Nye,‎ Kevin J. Anderson,‎ Kary English,‎ Jessica Guernsey,‎ Kristin Luna,‎ Terry Madden  (Author),‎ Chris Mandeville,‎ Lauren A. Lang,‎ Joy Dawn Johnson
March 15, 2018
334 pages
Publisher: WordFire Press
Fear is instinctive. Primal. It lurks, ready to spring. Will you conquer it or be consumed?

Monument, Colorado. WordFire Press is proud to announce the release of UNDERCURRENTS: An Anthology of What Lies Beneath. This is the fourth volume produced by the alumni of the Superstars Writing Seminar. All proceeds benefit the Don Hodge Memorial Scholarship Fund.

In Undercurrents: An Anthology of What Lies Beneath, twenty-three talented authors, including The New York Times bestsellers Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta, and Jody Lynn Nye, have stood on the shores of their psyches and looked out over the ocean of possibility and wondered “What lies beneath?”

The sea creatures and sea monsters that answered their calls range from a giant kraken that rules the deepest ocean to the smallest puffer fish that creates intricate works of underwater art. Creatures of classic mythology—mermaids, sirens, and sea serpents—swim alongside more unusual beasts—underwater cats and singing whirlpools. These stories dive deep into the fears many of us face, including loss, abandonment, death, and physical, mental, or emotional danger. When the fears we keep buried beneath the surface rise up and threaten to consume, we must make a choice: conquer or be conquered.

A collection of 23 short stories ranging from contemporary fiction to horror to sci-fi to fantasy that feature a variety of sea monsters and sea creatures. Each story focuses on a different element of fear and a character who either conquers that fear or is consumed by it.

This is a solid anthology of short stories about sea monsters. The sea causes fear in some and wonder in others. Sometimes people dive headfirst into the unknown and other avoid it. All these types of people are explored in the 23 tales. Many of the stories have a cautionary message like a fable. Stories you would hear in a pub by the docks. Told by a crusty one-eyed sailor with a pint or two in him. Some of the stories have a more modern setting.
I enjoyed a majority of the stories. Most fall in the 3 1/2 sheep range. But there are a few that scored 4 to 4 1/2. There is something for everyone and each story is unique. The editor did a good job of providing variety in subject and mood.

This a charity anthology and proceeds go to the Don Hodge Memorial Scholarship Fund. Below is a link to information about the cause.

3.75 "Sea" Sheep


Superstars Writing Seminars, founded in 2010, is unique among writing seminars. The curriculum focuses on teaching writers the business of being successful in the publishing industry. The instructors are chosen from the top of the industry and include International Bestselling Authors, Top Editors, Indie Publishing Platform Managers, and many more. The primary goal at Superstars is to teach you how to have a successful writing career by sharing how those at the top of the industry manage their careers.

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