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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Alpha Male Diner: Vampire King by Amanda J. Greene

Thank you for joining us. Our featured alpha is Gabriel Erhard from Caressed by the Edge of Darkness. He’s deliciously brooding and sinfully commanding. His ferocious desire for vengeance is matched only by his intense need to protect what is his.

- Take one six-foot-two, blond, ruthless vampire king with a tormented past

- Crystal green eyes that turn black with dangerous emotion and…arousal

- A heaping cups of badass alpha

- Layer: shockingly tender, surprisingly thoughtful and just the right amount of vulnerability and fold in gently.

- Add 2 cups of determination and a spoon full of attitude

- Don’t forget to season with angst, confidence and impressive strength

Gabriel comes hot, sexy, and steamy. Be prepared for shortness of breath. I would also suggest ordering a stiff drink and sampling this dish at your own risk…

Taste Test

Jordan turned the knob and pushed one door open just wide enough so she could slip inside. The room was freezing. She blinked several times, her eyes struggling to adjust to the oppressive darkness. Her gaze locked on the only source of illumination, a strange glowing liquid in a crystal decanter that rested on what she assumed was a bedside table. Drawn by the hypnotic glow, Jordan silently approached the bed.

Gabriel lay on his back, his head turned to the side, the sheets bunched around his waist. Was he nude? Biting her lip, she contemplated tugging on the sheets to discover the answer. The soft glow of the mysterious elixir danced over his proud, hauntingly flawless profile. Hard shadows etched along his cheekbones and straight jaw line. The darkness slashed across the wide stone-like slab of his torso, accentuating every detail of his chiseled abs and cut pecs. Her ravenous gaze took in every inch of his exposed skin. She’d never thought of a man as being beautiful, but Gabriel was masculine perfection. His rigid body the definition of strength, and looking at him made her ache to feel all that muscle press against her.

Entranced, Jordan unconsciously took a step closer. His longish blond hair was mussed and spread over the pillow. The unruly strands that fell across his brow seemed to demand she brush them aside, but she remained still. Her gaze fixed on the cruel scar covering Gabriel’s left pectoral.

A brand.

It was unlike any she’d seen, but she knew the meaning. Gabriel had been enslaved. Realization hit her like a bucket of ice water, the cold slicing her to the bone. That’s why he fought Boras, why he raided the warehouses, and explained why he’d made it a personal mission to find her. Seeing the angry, raised pattern, Jordan was struck with the need to know what he’d been through, what he’d survived.

With trembling fingers, she reached out—

A short, sharp cry tore from her lips as the darkness swirled around her. Fingers locked around her throat, her feet dangled. Jordan didn’t struggle. She’d been trapped like his before, but never unarmed and never by a vampire as strong as Gabriel. Taking in even breaths, she remained calm knowing if he intended to hurt her, or worse, he’d have done so by now. Vampires didn’t hesitate; they struck, fed, and killed.

His chest bowed and his shoulders quaked as he drew in rough breaths. The air hissed past his long, lethal fangs. Power so raw, it emitted from him like a scent. Gabriel’s eyes were black, feral, and riveted on her with a look of absolute possession. Undeniable, untamable lust burned in their depths; he wanted to claim her—devour her. Jordan trembled from the force of his predatory stare, her heart skipped a beat, her blood spiked with desire. God help her, she wanted to be claimed by this male. Truly claimed, in every way. Maybe it was her time spent imprisoned that made her so bold, so reckless. Maybe it was her need to feel alive, free, to be in control of her life and her body again. At the moment, the reasons didn’t matter. She didn’t care. She wanted pleasure and passion, and she wanted Gabriel.

He lowered her to her feet and loosened his hold, but kept her pinned as if he worried she’d slip away. Leaning down, he tilted his head, his breath caressing her ear. Jordan’s eyes drifted closed when he growled low. “You’re not afraid?”

Heat blossomed within her and pooled between her thighs. “No.”

His fingers skipped over her suddenly too sensitive flesh, sending shivers down her spine. He gripped her jaw and wrenched her head to the side, revealing her pulse. “Sweet, sweet jasmine.” His velvet voice rumbled with a demonic roughness that made every cell within her sizzle.

Gripping her ass, Gabriel lifted her. Quicker than a blink, Jordan found herself crushed against the wall, solid chest to soft breasts.

Caressed by the Edge of Darkness (Rulers of Darkness Book 5)
by Amanda J. Greene (Author)
Kim Killion (Photographer)
October 10, 2017
393 pages
Hardened by centuries of torture, former blood slave, Gabriel Erhard, is driven by an insatiable need to destroy his enemies. Violence darkens his battered soul, leaving no place for mercy in his world. Gabriel’s only desire is vengeance—until he finds her.

Seized by vampires, bound as a slave, and placed on the auction block, Jordan Culver is instantly entranced by the dangerous male who claims her. Jordan’s new captor vows to set her free, but his haunted gaze burns with savage desire and his wicked kiss makes her crave his touch and...complete surrender.

While Gabriel battles his enemies, he will break every sacred law to achieve his ultimate goal—uniting the Outcast Society and creating a new vampire Clan. But the distracting human with mesmerizing violet eyes jeopardizes his plans. With every soft whisper she evokes his tormented memories, tests his sanity and challenges his every boundary. Can Jordan help him overcome the miseries of his past and find a future with her? Or will he lose what remains of his soul and become a true beast?

Rulers of Darkness Box Set (Books 1,2,& 3) 
Read 3 sizzling, dark, paranormal romance novels and fall in love with the Rulers of Darkness.
Caressed by Moonlight
Caressed by Night
Caressed by a Crimson Moon

About the Author:
Amanda J. Greene is an erotic paranormal romance author. When she is not writing, she can be found playing the role of a full-time university student, who works part-time.

She lives in Southern California with her very supportive, military husband and their sweet Cocker Spaniel.

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