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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Guest Post: Bob Freeman -Top 10 Things An Occult Detective Should Always Carry With Them

Top 10 Things An Occult Detective Should Always Carry With Them
by Bob Freeman
10. Fire
Let's face facts, fire is your friend. You need warmth? Fire. You need to light something? Fire. Need to see in the dark? Also Fire.

09. Tobacco
Something smokable, for sure, be it via cigarettes or a pipe. There are more than a few spirits that are attracted to the smell and even some that will barter for a taste. 

08. A Flask of Whisky
I really shouldn't need to explain this one. Whisky is liquid courage and an adequate pain killer. Toss it back and get to work.

07. A Camp Knife
Never leave home without a good, utilitarian knife. This is survival 101.

06. An Enchanted Blade
Never leave home without a consecrated blade. Survival 101? Yes, if you have a tendency to wrestle with things beyond mortal kin.

05. Candles, Sage, & Incense
You need to bless a space, clear it of negative energy, or draw something out of hiding. You'd best find these in one of your deep pockets or you could be in for a world of hurt.

04. A Pantacle
Speaking of hurt, you can avoid a healthy share of it if you're packing a detective's thermonuclear device — namely a magical infused pantacle (sorry, I grew up in the Golden Dawn system). You might call this a pentacle. Regardless, it's a disc inscribed with esoteric energies.

03. A Compass
Your early warning system. If the compass gets to dancing then things are about to get interesting.

02. Salt
You need to lock it down and fast? Keep salt on hand. It's got a million and one uses. All of them aimed at keeping you six feet above ground.

01. Sidewalk Chalk
The magic circle is the best ally an occult detective has. A spot of artistic talent helps, but in a pinch, any bloke can close a circle.

by Bob Freeman
July 6, 2017
Seventh Star Press, LLC
From the arcane sorceries of “The Wickedest Man in the World” to the supernatural exploits of Occult Detective Landon Connors and the harrowing investigations of Agents Wolfe and Crowe,this collection of macabre tales of the black arts treads the dangerous landscape between this world and that populated by angels and demons, gods and devils, ghosts and spirits, and the legendary creatures of our darkest imaginings.

First Born is the beginning of the journey into the Liber Monstrorum, the Chronicles of those Occult Detectives who are the last line of defense against those preternatural forces that threaten to destroy a world that refuses to believe that such things exist…

About the author:
Bob Freeman is an author, artist, and paranormal adventurer whose previous novels include Shadows Over Somerset and Keepers of the Dead. 

A lifelong student of mythology, folklore, magic, and religion, Freeman has written numerous short stories, articles, and reviews for various online and print publications and is a respected lecturer on the occult and paranormal phenomena. 

He lives in rural Indiana with his wife Kim and son Connor. 

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  1. Good list. I think I had at least 6/10 on me yesterday, and I was not expecting anything to get aggressive out there!