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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Cover Reveal: Fae Curse by Eve A. Hunt

Fae Curse 
by Eve A. Hunt
January 3rd 2020
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance
What do sexy fae lords, a vampire assassin, and a TV baking show have in common?

Yours truly.

Yeah no, I did not plan this.

After scoring first in the show, I opened a bakery with my bestie and planned to live a long life riding my motorcycle and shoving chocolate croissants into my face hole.

But when a castle full of ridiculously gorgeous immortals showed up in my small town south of Nashville, my life changed.

A lot. Like a lot, a lot.

Because of a five hundred year old curse, the immortals can’t leave the castle without turning to ash. But when the most powerful fae lord uses his seductive power to lure me closer—planning to psychically feed on my aura—he successfully steps out of the castle for the first time.

Now the fae want more than a taste of my aura. They want to use all of my blood to break the curse. I’m pretty sure the vamp just wants me for dessert, which is painfully ironic. And until I figure out how to throw the immortals back into whatever magical hole they crawled out of, they will wreak murderous havoc on my hometown.

I don’t want to go down as a sacrifice to save everyone. As far as I know there aren’t any pumpkin muffins in the afterlife.

If only this life were as simple as a biscuit recipe…

If you are a fan of fated mates, enemies to lovers, and kickass heroines, you’ll love this series! 

Read the first five chapters for FREE here:

About the Author:
Congrats! You are in on a secret...

Eve A. Hunt is the paranormal romance/urban fantasy pen name for USA Today bestselling author Alisha Klapheke

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