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Monday, November 11, 2019

WIP it Real Good: Fantasy Author Nikki Jefford + giveaway

Working on something new, dabbling on the side? Share a snippet (one line to paragraphs) and tell the readers a bit about it. Chance to tease readers for upcoming books.

Lately, I see authors teasing readers with “secret projects” they’re super excited about and can’t wait to share more of . . . at a later date. So, being a black sheep (ha, ha), I want to come out and share the new project I’m working on to kick-off 2020.

The Royal Conquest Saga was so much fun to write that I’ve segued into The Royal Conquest Heirs (second-generation characters). These are shorter, 40,000-word, novellas each complete on their own.

It will kick off with The Golden Prince. Lark Elmray is a halfling prince (half-elf, half-Fae). He’s one of those high energy, dive in headfirst, doesn’t know the meaning of the word “quit” kind of characters. He’s also very protective of his family and proud to a fault. His family is unconventional and travels frequently between realms (Faerie, elven, and mortal). Because of this, he’s had to endure a lot of insults in Faerie. Worst of all, from the cultured Crispin Maglen, Earl of Ashcraw. Lark tried to befriend the young earl when they were boys only to be belittled and spurned – not something he has forgotten.

I love how vocal characters become, and I’ve learned to listen to what they want rather than force my plans on them. I’d tried matchmaking for Lark but he stubbornly refused the childhood elf friend I had in mind. Nope. He told me he’s gay. I was like, “What am I supposed to do with that? This is uncharted territory for me, dude!”

Luckily, Rainbow Rowell had just released Wayward Son in her wildly fun and sexy Simon Snow series. I listened to both books in the series in audio (narrated by Euan Morton, amazing)! Those books inspired and showed me the kind of relationship I wanted to develop between Lark and Crispin. You’ve got these two characters with chemistry they’re fighting to resist, humor, adventure, danger, and romance.

Working on The Golden Prince has consumed me in ways I never expected. I love this couple and their journey. I’ve always loved complicated relationships between different species and cultures. (I’ve been married to a Frenchman for going on 20 years.) It adds an extra dash of spice. I’m also a sucker for underdogs, enemies to lovers, second chances, and “the forbidden.” I’ve written secondary gay characters and couples in past novels. Featuring them as a main couple has been rewarding new territory. I hope readers love Lark and Crispin as much as I do. This couple completely stole my heart.

Below is a snippet taken from a scene at a masquerade ball. Crispin sees Lark being friendly to his sister and assumes the worst.

My sister and Lark. It was my worst nightmare.

Bits of smooth blue scarf and tweed bunched in my fists. He was at least an inch shorter than me, and even though I had him backed against the wall, I knew he could push me easily away.

“Stay away from my sister,” I snarled into Lark’s face.

He lifted his chin, running his eyes through his black mask up my face and scoffed. He probably took this as a challenge. I should have shut up about Kenzie. But I wanted him to keep away from her—her and every other female in the kingdom.

From this close, I could smell the intoxicating scent surrounding him. It was warm and spicy, woody and aromatic. Unable to help myself, I inhaled him like a spring bouquet after winter.

Lark’s nostrils flared.

“Maybe you’re the one I want.”

Stolen Princess (Royal Conquest Saga #1)
by Nikki Jefford

November 11th 2018
Genres: Fairy Tales, Fantasy, New Adult, Retelling
She sacrificed herself to save her family from poverty…

The ball was only the beginning.

It wasn’t enough to kill my mate, heir to the throne. My obsessive Fae brother-in-law wants the crown. And he wants me ruling by his side.

I thought I was done with romance until a certain pompous elf reappeared in my life at the illustrious Monster Ball. A little teasing led to bruised lips and captured hearts. No one wants Jhaeros and me to be together, not even my favorite sister, Melarue. But she’s a teenager just coming into her elemental powers and discovering boys—the wrong kind—the type I want to shoot arrows through.

My royal in-laws are playing a treacherous game, and my brother-in-law is determined to get what he wants. But this elf princess no longer has a master. I don’t want a crown. I want freedom, family, and the love of a lifetime. But love might be the one thing that destroys us all.

**This book will now include the prequel novella Enemies and Lovers.

About the Author:

Nikki Jefford is an award-winning, bestselling author of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and quirky combinations in-between.

She is a third-generation Alaskan now living in the Pacific Northwest with her Westie, Cosmo, and her French husband, who she wouldn’t trade in for anyone–not even Spike or Mr. Darcy!

When she’s not writing, she’s reading, walking, or out riding her motorcycle, a Honda CB500F, (so long as it’s sunny and warm)!

To get in on the fun and adventure, visit Nikki at her website for release alerts, updates, exclusive giveaways, and a free story when you subscribe to her newsletter:

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