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Monday, May 30, 2022

Interview: Superhero Invincika from Fantasy author Varun Sayal's new action adventure release

: Today we have on our show a new superhero in town, Invincika. Welcome to the Late night talk show with Sharon.
Invincika: Thanks

Sharon: So let me read out your powers for our viewers tonight. Super strength, indestructible body, ability to fly and …
Invincika: **laughs** And?

Sharon: You can shoot a white laser through your forehead which can slice through anything. Like really?
Invincika: **Nods**

Sharon: Wow. So it’s like a third eye opens in your forehead?
Invincika: Well, no. It’s actually an enmeshment of nerves which acts like a gemstone.

Sharon: Wow that’s enigmatic. And you can just focus it on anything and laser shoots out?
Invincika: No. This laser works more like a defense mechanism. It activates itself when I am in deep danger. I don’t actually control this power.

Sharon: Interesting. You do a lot of work with orphanages too, tell us more about that.
Invincika: Yeah, my parents they split even before my birth. I spent a lot of time in orphanages. I was cared for in some of those places but, I know how it feels to live without parental care. So whenever I can, I visit a place and spend some time with the kids.

Sharon: Do they ask you to float in air, show off your cape.
Invincika: **Giggles** They do.

Sharon: We know you are a very busy person so we won’t hold you for long. Thanks a lot for coming in today Invincika.
Invincika: Thanks a lot for having me today, Sharon, the pleasure is mine.

Sharon: To our viewers and listeners, the book Invincika is the first novel in series Superheroes of the Multiverse. It’s available on Amazon, grab a copy today.

Invincika: A Superhero Action Adventure Series (Superheroes of the Multiverse Book 1)
by Varun Sayal
April 25, 2022
Genre:  Women's Fantasy Fiction, Superhero Fantasy, Action & Adventure
She tries to save the world ...

... but can she save herself?

Ulka trained besides the Sigma, but unlike them, her powers remained dormant.

Until a ballistic weapon finally awakened her hidden abilities and flipped her world upside down.

As Ulka struggled with her new found powers, a Magnetar raced toward earth, causing tides, volcanoes and tremors. The super-humans sent to counter the Magnetar never returned, and Ulka is the world’s last hope.

Even if she succeeds, there’s a much bigger threat lurking in the shadows, waiting to unleash a fate worse than death.

If you like superhero stories with riveting action sequences, you will love this first book in the series.

A great superhero story. A great introduction to this universe. The story is good with a lot of potential to build on. ~ Top 1000 Amazon Reviewer

I really liked this book and I read it in one evening. ~ Netgalley Reviewer

Story was engaging, fun to read, and I was intrigued to know What Next. ~ Goodreads Reviewer

Invincika is a fantastic superhero action-adventure novel with a blend of sci fi. This is the first book in the Superheroes of multiverse series. With a fast-paced plot and engaging narration, delve into the exciting world of action, superheroes and dangers. ~ Book Blogger

It's a fast-paced, engaging, superhero book with the writer's trademark combination of sci-fi and mythology. I enjoyed reading the book. ~ Goodreads Reviewer

Book 2

About the Author:
Varun Sayal is a Data Science manager living in Redmond, Washington. He grew up in India on a steady dose of fantastical tales from ancient Indian scriptures. His genre of writing is science fiction and fantasy, blended with Indian legends and mythology. In his own words:

I live by the quote, 'a true art calms a disturbed mind and disturbs a calm mind.'

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