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Friday, May 6, 2022

Witchhunter (Witchhunter Book 1) by Quinn Blackbird + giveaway

Witchhunter (Witchhunter Book 1)
by Quinn Blackbird
April 26, 2022
Genre: Dark Paranormal Romance

'I want to hurt people, those awful, unspectacular humans. But the Hunters ...? Oh, what I wouldn't give to tear them limb from limb.'

The land is divided into two, split by the dangerous mountains that cut us into two: Home of the Hunters and the home of the Witches, forever at war.

Once, I belonged to the lands where people and Hunters live -- until the Change came and my family whisked me away to the mountains, seeking safety for my rising witchery. They didn't make it beyond the mountains and the Hunters that lurk there, ready to slaughter my kind and anyone who helps us.
I made it, though.
And I promised on the very day that I was orphaned, I will dedicate my life to the utter destruction of all Hunters across the land, even if it costs me the last breath in my body.

...that final breath seems to be inching closer when a mission to save Witches before the Change goes so terribly wrong, and I wind up a prisoner of a Hunter so beautiful that his face is just asking to be torn apart.
I doubt I'll survive what wicked tortures he has in store for me. But he can bet his charming smile that when I go down, I'm taking him with me.
Even if it's the last thing I do.


WITCHHUNTER is available in ebook and paperback once the series is complete in rapid release KU mode. This series is a dark paranormal fantasy romance, so reader discretion is advised!

Nothing is sweet in the Blackbird worlds ...

Magnifier(Witchhunter Book 2)

Witchhunter Box Set (Full Collection)

About the Author

Quinn Blackbird loves an anti-hero.
All of her villains stay submerged in 'dark' so expect little redemption. She thinks them up over hot coffees and warm cups of tea on the porch.
When not writing, Quinn is either tackling a new face mask or snuggling with a book on the couch with her two pups.
After living in Scotland most of her life, Quinn then moved around the world writing for a few years, visiting distant family. Though she loved Australia the most--only in summer!--she has decided to put down some roots in Paris once everything has settled down.

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  1. These sound sooo good. I would love to read more.

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  3. I love the cover and synopsis, this sounds like a must read book and series for me. Thank you for sharing the author's bio and book details

  4. I love the cover! It sets the stage for the book.

  5. Such a neat concept, loving the design too@

  6. Thank you so much for sharing! I'm really looking forward to giving this a read!