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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Comic Review: This Haunted World Chapter 1: Dark Matter

This Haunted World Chapter 1: Dark Matter

Created by: Mark Powers and Chris Lie
Written by: Mark Powers
Artwork: Caravan Studio

THIS HAUNTED WORLD will be available October 31, 2011 digitally (via Comixology, Iverse and

THIS HAUNTED WORLD, which will be published in digital format initially, sees a world is awash in conflict and suffering. Some believe the Biblical End Times have arrived; others believe a civilization too often driven by greed has simply begun the inevitable process of devouring itself.
Amid the fear and chaos walks a shadow. In the war-torn hills of Afghanistan, in the tragedy wracked hills of Hiroshima. He is called by many names in many places – and where he walks, he brings death.
Two men – one whose ivory tower has been shattered by scandal, another sprawled on life's rock bottom – unknowingly hold mankind's only hope for survival.
For a war unlike any other is about to be declared – one in which 10,000 years worth of sins and pain come back to haunt us…

When I saw the cover of this comic and read the description I knew it was my kind of story. There is a Shadowman (ghost) walking the earth and he is uniting the spirits of the dead. His goal is to seek vengeance for all the deaths caused by war and violence throughout history. The cool thing is it is being released as a digital graphic novel. So it will be easy to find and download. With the surge in iPads and other reading devices, we will be seeing more and more digital comics.

This issue introduces us to the main characters. We learn some background information on each and get an idea of how their paths will cross and what the Shadowman has planned for the world. The art work is expressive and the use of light and shadow gives a dark and ominous feel to it. I am intrigued and look forward to seeing where the story goes.

You can purchase this digital comic Oct 31st at Sea Lion Books.

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About the creators:

Mark Powers was an editor for over ten years at Marvel Comics before moving to Devil's Due, where he edited and later wrote G.I. JOE and created the sci-fi series DRAFTED. He's also written REST for Top Cow and is currently adapting THE DRESDEN FILES novels for Dynamite Entertainment.

Chris Lie has illustrated numerous comics, including DRAFTED, G.I. JOE: SIGMA 6 and DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: EBERRON for Devil's Due, and LABYRINTH for Tokyopop. He also heads his own highly successful concept art and illustration house, Caravan Studio.

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