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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sexiest Men in Sci-Fi

Sexiest Men in Sci-Fi

Science fiction has frequently been known to objectify women with many complaints being levied against the genre as a whole because of this behavior. However women are by no means the only ones lusted after in Sci-Fi. Since I am an equal opportunity sexist, I decided to throw some men into the mix for all my fellow Sci-Fi ladies to chew on from tv series and movies both past and present. Poor me doing all this in the name of Science! *snicker* It was a tuff job but someone had to do it, so here's my personal top five picks of the Sexiest Men in Sci-Fi with the reasons why. Make sure to leave comments below with YOUR picks. Let's all have some fun with these guys!


Scott Bakula

In its hey-day Quantum Leap was one of the best Sci-Fi shows out there. Scott Bakula led the way with his charming yet boyish personality, incredible hair, while even in a dress the man was still fine as can be. Every lady in town would long, no matter the year, to do some science experiments with Scott for a night they'd never forget. Pass the beaker please. He still has many fans to this very day because Quantum Leap has become a cult-classic TV show, much like the original Star Trek. *does Vulcan peace sign*

QL was broadcast from 89-93 and the series starred Scott Bakula as Dr. Sam Beckett, a physicist from the (then future) year of 1997, who becomes lost in time following a time travel experiment, temporarily taking the places of other people to "put right what once went wrong". A man with morals and a code, these are the men I love.

Now for all you nerds out there let's chat a little about the physics of "leaping". Al explains the concept of the experiment to Sam in the first episode during his initial period of amnesia using a simple analogy. Using a piece of string, Al explains that one end represents Sam's date of birth while the other represents Sam's date of death. Connecting the two ends together will, in effect, form a loop. The looped string is then scrunched up in one's hand and various parts of the piece of string will inevitably intersect and touch each other. By leaping at the intersections to a different section of the string, Sam can travel to a different date within his own lifetime. The leap seems instantaneous to Sam but Al explains in the pilot episode that he spent a week traveling in time between the moment he leaped out of the Air Force test pilot and the moment he leaped into his next host.

Everyone still following so far?

The series featured a mix of comedy, drama and melodrama, social commentary, nostalgia and science fiction, which won it a broad range of fans, myself included. One of its trademarks is that at the end of each episode, Sam "leaps" into the setting for the next episode, usually uttering a dismayed "Oh, boy!". Hands down this man AND show gets the first slot in my list.


Val Kilmer

*In goat voice* Willoooow! Val Kilmer captivated audiences in Willow, the 1988 sword and sorcery high fantasy film directed by Ron Howard. How many shirt open/shirtless scenes did Val really need in this movie? Not enough if youask me! With his gloriously long locks of hair, a devastating smile, a cocky know it all attitude, and humor in the face of certain death, smooth talking mercenary swordsman Val Kilmer gets the next spot on the list. He's handy with his steel, making the perfect protector for any fair maiden. While the movie was originally met with mixed reviews it has become a cult classic hit.

For those that lived in a cave and have yet to catch this epic film. Willow was about An Evil Queen fearful of a prophecy stating that a baby girl will be her downfall. The Queen starts imprisoning all the pregnant women in her realm in an attempt to forestall the prophecy. Through a series of events a baby girl ends up in the care of Willow, a member of the dwarf-like race of people called Nelwyns. On his quest to return the baby Willow comes upon a boasting warrior named Madmartigan (Val Kilmer), being held captive in a crow's cage by the side of the road for an unspecified crime, which is never a good sign. The two set off on an action packed adventure meeting many folks from the lore along the way. But what held it all together was Val bringing it hard with the smex factor, truly a fantastic adventure sure to make women's blood boil with desire.


Ben Browder

Hands down, Farscape had some of the most intriguing characters during its run on television. Our main sex pot, John Crichton, was played by Ben Browder. John is an IASA astronaut who is shot through a wormhole to a distant part of the universe, setting the scene and tone for the show. I just can't help it, I love a man in uniform and that hottie

body sure does help with the over all package. Snark factor was always in full effect with John, never letting an opportunity pass him by to bust a joke in any situation, life or death didn't matter. If you can't laugh at death then you're not living! Who wouldn't want to jump through a worm hole with this man morsel on their arm? Sign me up for the John Crichton space program, rumor has it that the courses are very hands on. Party in a rocket! And for the damsel in distress it's comforting to know that John is mechanically inclined should your ship need a tune up or oil change, can we exchange favors for service? *winks*

Let's dive a bit more into his character. John Crichton is a man of principle and conviction prepared to risk and sacrifice himself and his friends (provided they are willing to help) for what he believes in. Anyone turned on yet? No? Just me you say? Fine. His pop culture references are a way of putting his unfamiliar surroundings into perspective, giving something he doesn't recognize a comprehensible label. This extends to close friends too; calling Chiana "Pip" and Rygel "Sparky" or "Buckwheat" but the best would have to be his nicknames for bady Scorpius with his winners "Leatherface" and my personal fav "Bob".

John is a very intelligent man and despite the advanced technology of his new surroundings he often proves to know and understand more theoretical physics than most of his companions (even if it did take him, ten minutes to figure out how to open a door on board Moya). In many ways, his ignorance of how things work in his new life actually gives him an advantage, it means that he is able to make suggestions about how to resolve a situation in different ways than his friends might come up with. Quick on his feet, with personality, charm and rock your socks off good looks, John earned his spot on this list ten times over.

Vin Diesel

The Chronicles of Riddick is a 2004 sci-fi film which follows the adventures of Richard B. Riddick, played by Vin Diesel. Those beautiful shiny eyes are so pretty and so sparkly just like the bald head you could rub all night. And Buff. Buff. Buff. This hunk-o-love could make any night the best of your life. That deep husky voice draws the ladies in like a moth to the flame. Come to me……yessssss. Exuding sex with every fiber of his being, and that sideways smile of his. Wicked. Pure convict bad boy, but one bad ass boy that would protect you till the end. Or kill you with a cup! WITH A CUP! Hot and heavy would never be dull with this one. *licks lips* Oh, he pretends not to care about anything or anyone but Riddick is all heart and soul under that rough and tuff exterior.

Some film info for the folks that don't know. Riddick, is the antihero of three films in the Riddick series, namely Pitch Black, The Chronicles of Riddick, and the animated movie The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury. He's an expert with hand-to-hand combat, liking to get up close and personal with his kills. He can get up close and personal with me any day.

Within the series, he is shown to be a highly erratic and unstable individual - he is an extremely violent and dangerous convict, murderer and notorious sociopath, almost to the point of evil - sounds bad to those that don't know him. And that's just what he wants you to see! No way could Riddick show any affection to those closest to him, they would be hunted to the ends of the universe and back. Keeping people at a distance to save them is his MO. It sure doesn't help that he happens to be the last of his kind, what a large burden to bear.

Riddick is stronger, faster, more agile, tougher, more resistant to damage and injury, possessing more acute senses, immense stamina, and superior healing when compared to most humans. Caught in a pickle and need to dislocate a limb to get out? No problem for Riddick who possesses an abnormally high pain threshold. What a man. One night, it's all I ask.


Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion is most famous for his role as Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds the main protagonist in the Firefly franchise. As a character Mal stands up for the little guy, protects his crew, and has a sexy swagger you can't just learn. One has to have the gift of swagger to pull it off like Mal; he exudes maleness and compassion. With golden boy good looks and that oh so sexy smile, Mal is one leader I'd follow straight to bed! He's also a pistol pro making one wonder how handy he is with other things. This alpha male is the #1 spot on my list.

Malcolm's main mission is to keep his crew alive and to keep his transport ship flying. Mal is a man that goes where the wind blows, and as such, adventure and danger may lurk around every corner. But with a sure footed man like this captain on your side the galaxy seems a little safer. This man has his own ride, and what a beauty she is! Maybe not much to look at on the outside but his crew has tricked this bad girl out to the gills, any gal would gladly jump aboard and set out into the black.

Though Mal usually seems more practical than intellectual, he occasionally surprises his friends by displaying familiarity with disparate literature varying from the works of Xiang Yu (a fictional psychotic dictator) to poems by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, a smart man that knows showing off to an opponent could end up getting you killed. Playing the dumb guy has many advantages.

Mal volunteered for the Independents army during the Unification War against the Alliance, gaining the rank of sergeant by the end of the war. His loyal second-in-command Zoe was by his side for most of the war, surviving many dangerous conflicts with him, yet again reiterating his leadership and core values as one good dude with a heart of gold. Taking the coveted top spot on my list!


  1. Voodoo Bride agrees with your choice of Vin Diesel. You did forget Liam Neeson though, she thinks. She really thought he was droolworthy as Qui Gon Jinn in Star Wars: The Panthom Menace.
    And let's not forget Laurence Fishburne in Event Horizon!

  2. Nice list! Vin is a tasty SciFi piece of beefcake ;) I also agree with McPig on the Qui Gon character.

  3. I totally agree with you. And Vin Diesel would always get my

  4. Scott Bakula all the way for me. (I'm probably dating myself with that one.)

  5. LOVE Mal!!!! He's funny and cute...always a great mix :)

  6. Know what? My #1 goes to Nathan Fillion too! Love that film! although I must say that Harrison Ford in Star Wars is also one of my favourites! What can I say? I'm greedy! :o)

  7. Ooooh yeah! :D

    i know! Sc-fi and Fantasy get a bad rap for objectifying women, but they're just as objectifying to the men! Funny, I guess men don't notice that? hee-hee!

    I gotta agree with Qui-gon and I since we're talking star wars, enjoyed Hayden Christensen as the young Vadar in the third movie. Oh, and while we're on Riddick, Karl urban is delicious in chronicles of Riddick (but then I have loved him ever since he was on Xena/hercules... yum!) and.. okay, I could go on and on, but I will stop ;)

  8. I would need to make a top 20 list to cover ALL the men I love in Sci-Fi. But to save you all the ongoings of my smut clustered mind I stuck to 5. lol But I would add Liam to that list, Karl (omg I want to hump you now) Urban, Tom Hardy, Harrison Ford, Paul Bettany and more!

    I love reading all your picks, it's nice to see that women can lust even more then the boys can. ;)