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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Creep Show Winners!!!!

Thanks to everyone who entered our Creep Show Halloween costume contest. We got some VERY unique entries and loved every second of it! The winners are announced below:

1. Killer (no really it could kill you!) Costume- Winner: Haley Johnson

2. Pimped out pet- Winner: Rox Lobster

3. Cutest Goblin Child- Winner: Roxanne Rhoads little ones. Roxanne Rhoads is also a Publicist for Entangled Publishing a Romance Author and Book Blogger! You can found more about her HERE.

All winners have been notified by email and will soon receive their Spooky Prizes in the mail. Some honorable mentions to the following folks for having some pretty amazing photos: Author Mike Lynch, Keira from LoveRomancePassion, Alaina, and Sullivan McPig!

Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. Kudos, oh so deserving are these awesome winners!

  2. congrats to the winners and thanks to all that submitted photos!

  3. thanks - and congrats to the other winners as well