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Monday, October 3, 2011

Come shop with the Sheep!

Recently we added a Sheep Store to our site. We hope you all will check it out and maybe buy some cool stuff! T-shirts, coasters, mugs, tote bags, water bottles and more. All for your shopping pleasure. So tell your friends, family, vamps, fae, witches, butcher, baker and candle stick maker to head over!

All the artwork was done by our very own Sheep man Richard Lee. *swoon* Let's take a look at the items we have up for sale.

First up, Sheeped by an Alien. A comic play on book one of the Gini Koch SciFi series 'Touched by an Alien'. Fans of the series would be flaunting a unique shirt while supporting your local aliens. And if you're not a fan you SHOULD be! To find out more about Gini you can check out here website .

A Sheepish Tango, a comic play on 'Alien Tango' book two in Gini Koch's amazing SciFi series. Another unique and fun shirt that's one of a kind! .

Spread some sheepy love across the land with your very own I Smell Sheep shirt or swag item. Never a dull moment when you rock this shirt through a hungry pack of wolves. Oh, did I forget to mention they were the hunky men from Dani Harpers books? ;) Just kidding. (Not really)

Once you make a purchase please send over a picture of you rockin your item and we'll make sure to show them off online. Thanks everyone on the continued support and keep your eyes open for more images coming down the pipes!

Amber, Katie, Sharon, Ben and Richard

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