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Monday, November 9, 2020

Candy Review: Popcorn Flavored M&M's

I love it when candy companies experiment with new flavors. I'm a chocolate snob and I eat M&M's when there is nothing else around. They are perfect to mix in with crushed graham crackers and vanilla ice cream...but I'm getting off-topic.

I love chocolate-coated popcorn so M&M's limited Halloween special popcorn-flavored M&M's caught my attention.

I probably had my expectations set a little too high and ended up being disappointed. When you open the pack you are hit with a popcorn smell! But that's all the popcorn flavor is...a popcorn smell on the outside of the M&M's. After eating a few you no longer smelled/tasted the popcorn.

Add onto that the way they look! I assume they wanted them to look like popcorn but it was not very appetizing. They look bumpy and dirty.

Inside is a crispy center with very little chocolate around it.

Anyone else try them? Or have you found a different flavor you like? I was too impressed with the brownie M&M's either.

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  1. Hmmm. You're right, they don't even look good. I thought at first they'd melted and re-hardened.

  2. I haven't tried the two you mention, but I have tried previous flavors and not been impressed with any. Didn't like the caramel ones at all, but a co-worker loved them. The crispy centered ones left me unimpressed. I vaguely remember the mint ones, but after a free bag I got, I never got them again. I'll stick with the original.

    1. I feel the same way. The caramel ones didn't have the right caramel/chocolate ratio. I love mint chocolate and they did a decent job with the mint M&M's to me. Did they come out with gingerbread ones last year? I'll be looking for other flavors and reviewing them lol.

    2. Never saw the gingerbread ones, so I had to google and see if they really were made. Apparently so (plus carrot cake and others: